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PPR Technique

Purge, Purify, & Restore

  • Purge the emotions that are keeping you stuck in pain, fear, challenge or loss.
  • Purify with the White Light of Christ.
  • Restore the mind-body-spirit connection back to Divine Order, Love and Light!

Our Spirits are literally created from that energy source which I refer to as the “White Light of Christ”. It is all around us. It has many names: Source Energy, Prana, Chi, Universal Energy, and many, many more. Regardless of what you call it, it does exist and we are all part of it!

We are eternal living spirits in a temporary physical existence; when we wake up to that truth we empower ourselves with the ability to heal our lives and become powerful creators. We are creating our lives everyday, either by default or with intention. How we perceive our environment becomes our reality. Once we change our perception of Pain, Fear, Challenge and Loss, we change our reality ~ too simple? Truth always is! To learn more about the Protocol used, visit the LifeLine Technique page.

I invite you to come along with me as we WAKE-UP to who we really are and become what we came here to be.