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Debra and Tannie have put their gifts and talents together to serve all parts of you. Your mind, your body and your spirit. Together they have developed tools and techniques that soothe a troubled soul. Bring relief to a troubled heart and facilitate healing to the body.



Total Body Session with both Debra & Tannie

Debra gently massages and moves the energy through the body; opening up and cleaning the pathways, meridians, lymphatic system, chakras and more… which allows the energy and fluid to flow on a physical level. Tannie reads the energy and narrates the movement for the client.

While Debra is working on the body, Tannie gives the client understanding as to what created the symptoms, blockage or challenge in their life. She reads their story or the events that created the pain, obstacle or challenge in their life. Once understanding is gained an automatic shift occurs. This is a must-have experience for those that are truly serious about changing their life. You will love these sessions.

First Total Body Session - minimum 90 minutes, subsequent Total Body Sessions, 60 minutes.

Total Body Session "The Works" - includes charkas, energy alignment, meridians, lymphatic, systems, energy fields and much more. 2 hours.

(For your first Total Body Session, please listen to the audio introductions below)

Short version (10 min)

Full-length version (Part 1)

Full-length version (Part 2)



Services with Debra

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Hot Stone Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Swedish Massage
Lymphatic Drainage
Reflexology Massage/Testing
Muscle Testing
Energy Therapy

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Services with Tannie

Tannie has what you have been searching for. She has remarkable intuition and has a keen sensitivity and ability to identify and read the finer energies. She is a Certified Master Level Rapid Eye and Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner with years of experience. Her unique focus is on your Divinity, your Greatness and gaining the life experiences and tools you need to live your life in Joy. Tannie’s sessions are uniquely created for each individual client. No two sessions are alike. Your strong passionate desire for change is just what is needed to contribute to the amazing results you can have with Tannie. You will love working with her.


Energy Healing - An Introduction to the Possibilities

Call 928-321-8288 for information and appointments

Basic Awesome Emotional Release Session
(for the first session a minimum 2 hours is recommended)

Energy Field Reading Session

Hypnosis Session

Phone Sessions of all Services with Tannie

Spiritual Contracts

Into the Heart / 8 Step Process

Small Group Imagery or Clearing Sessions
(Fee can be divided between participants present – 5 Maximum)

“Tannie Bennett took me on a journey that has forever changed my life. I am amazed at the things that I learned about myself. I discovered why I think the way I do and why I react the way I do. Life has become joyful and fun and I am discovering new things about myself on a daily basis. I face each day with new courage. I laugh more, love more and enjoy my family more than ever. This journey cleansed my soul and left me yearning to learn more, to reach new heights and expand myself. I don't doubt myself anymore. I see myself in a whole new light. I look forward to more journeys with Tannie so that I can keep discovering new and wonderful things about my life.” -- Sandy L.

“My personal sessions with Tannie have all ended up being personal parables, like a mini video. The images that I walk through, are simply orchestrated and quite spontaneous, spiritual experiences. I simply hand over the monsters of my life, my path is clear, and my reframe blossoms as a flower with a sweetness that fills the air. I then feel grounded, complete, and light, with joy in my heart. I love this process.” -- Sylvia Franklin

“Thank you for validating my experience! I just want to get on with the work so that others can be healed as profoundly as I have been. Knowing that I have only begun this work and have only "touched the tip of the iceberg", has made me anxious and excited to get moving. I want to continue with the feelings I have been experiencing and I want it to touch every aspect of my life. I'm ready to be taught all the lessons I have to learn. I am willing, ready and able to follow the path that is laid before me. I don't think you really know how grateful I am for you. You have been a total blessing to me. I have been so inspired by you. You have helped me have the COURAGE TO OPEN MY EYES. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.” Love -- Lora D.

“I think the thing I noticed almost immediately afterwards was I felt like I could breathe again. I didn't realize how much I WASN'T breathing...until I could. Since my session I have noticed lots of other things as well. The biggest change I think I have noticed is this new desire to do all those little things that I wanted to do in the past, but I felt I couldn't for one reason or another. Things as simple as taking the initiative in a conversation or project, and even going back to school, which is something I longed for, but for some reason I just felt I couldn't. I've noticed I'm a little more proactive with my life, rather than just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. It’s like the fear and even apathy that kept me from accomplishing these things before is gone. I find that I am happier and at little more at peace with who I am. Not that my life is perfect now, but I feel good and I am content to keep trying, and to better myself everyday, whereas I wasn't before. Thanks so much for sharing your gift!” -- Bethany S.

“A few years ago my life changed for the better after having sessions with Tannie. I experienced tremendous relief from the stress of sexual abuse. Before this my outlook on life was hopeless and I thought that I was not to feel joy ever again. Wow, now after my sessions, I feel joy and hope. When problems occur in my life I can deal with them without all of the "DRAMA" and struggle that I used to experience. Tannie skillfully and gently provided a very comfortable and trusting environment for me to work. With her skill and tools, my sessions sailed by with light speed and ease. I am forever thankful.” -- K. Satterwhite, TX

“Tannie Bennett has such a gift, she is an amazing MRET. She has the ability to bless all those she comes in contact with. Just hearing her voice sooths my soul, uplifts, and me comforts me. She makes people feel like they can do anything. Her abilities are astounding, as she always holds everyone in unconditional love, and I always feel safe in her presence. Thanks Tannie.” -- Dani J. UT

“I love my sessions with Tannie, she has great intuition and she follows it to help you in the best way possible. I call it cleaning house because we really get to the nitty gritty and throw away the garbage. For example, I was given the homework to write my family script (negative things my family was saying). In my next session with Tannie we worked on those sayings. My family has not said any of those things since and they don't have a clue about what I was working on! It is amazing! In another session I wanted to work on feeling and expressing love better. I was amazed to get home and have my youngest child who is usually quite reserved open up and squeeze my neck with glee. She felt the change in me and has been so much more fun loving ever since. This is leaps and bounds past the regular counseling or therapy. It is quick and right to the core, you can see results immediately. My family and I are becoming better and happier people, it is great!” -- Beth P.

“My sessions with Tannie have literally changed my life. How? I'm not afraid of my life anymore. I don't have a college education (yet), and have depended COMPLETELY on my husband. Now facing divorce I've gone from scared, co-dependent in a, "What am I going to do" state, to becoming completely independent, working my way through school, and have an amazing future in front of me. The HUGEST change is that I AM NOT AFRAID, and I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. Life has become a dream that I am continually enjoying because I'm learning to create it! Everything I've wanted I'm creating. Best of all, I'm doing it on my own terms and not through someone else! My future is so bright. When I first came to Tannie, I was panicky, scared, and emotionally exhausted. Tannie has assisted me in clearing the "debris" that was keeping me from seeing who I REALLY am. She has helped me discover her, she has helped me see my true self, and you know what I saw? Me, to like the 10th power, and I love her. I love being ME! And there's nothing I cannot do.” THANKS TANNIE!!! --- Leah S.

“Tannie, thank you! Thank you for listening and accepting the "assignment" to bring this pathway of gentle yet powerful imaging to those desiring to walk the path to "wholeness." As I reflect back over the session we did on the phone I marvel at the awakening and new understanding I received as doors and walls were removed. I am so very grateful for the sense of peace and joy it has brought into my life! Thank you!” -- Sally S. TN

“With great apprehension and little understanding I entered Tannie's office as a favor to my mother. She had heard of the experience of a friend's daughter and thought a session might be helpful for me as I was working through some major life decisions and was seeking direction. I felt that if there were answers I needed for my life I should be on my knees asking my Heavenly Father for guidance instead of this. I was determined that if I felt uncomfortable with any portion of the session I would excuse myself. As I entered Tannie's office I felt a peace that encouraged me to stay and find out more. Through her processes I was able to open doors in my mind that had long since been barred, helping me to understand where negative thoughts and impressions had been formed and how they continued to affect my choices, actions and ultimately my life. I was able to see the positive relationships that uplift and encourage me to reach my potential. With clarity that only comes through the Holy Spirit I was able to understand my great and eternal worth. With healing that only comes through the atonement of Jesus Christ I was able to remove from my thoughts negative feelings and impressions that were impeding my progression toward exaltation. I realized that the Lord was not being taken out of this healing equation, instead I was being guided through the barriers in my physical being by one who understood better than I, to come unto Him I continue to turn to the Lord daily for instruction and inspiration through the Holy Ghost but I am grateful for my experience with Tannie. I was so moved by the experience that I plan to work in the field eventually to help others in the same way I have been helped.” -- Stasha L.

“I am so grateful that I met Tannie. I have grown so abundantly. I have changed and become more confident in my own power and in my divinity. I have cleared so many of my family and DNA patterns and feel so much freer. Because of my sessions I have felt that I will get a new home. (And she did, a big one) -- Cindy Peterson

“Tannie, I just want you to know how grateful I am for the work you have done with me. We have been doing sessions for quite some time now and I have felt many shifts and gained great insights. However our session yesterday confirmed without a doubt my testimony of the value of your work. I can't tell you just how amazing the change in my life that session has made. I was able to release so much of the pain, anxiety, guilt, remorse, and even despair that I have carried deep in my soul for over 50 years! Much of it wasn't even mine but I had received from generations before me. I have not felt this kind of peace in many years; I didn't know it was possible. Today I find hope and an assurance that all is well, I'm on my right path and the desires of my heart will manifest. Everything will be all right. I look forward to our continued work together. You are one of my greatest gifts. I thank you and love you with all my heart.” -- Lewetta P.


Additional Services

Our detox hand or foot bath pulls harmful toxins and cellular debris from your body, leaving you hydrated and Naturally Energized!

Try our Basic or Deluxe Detox Foot Bath with doTERRA Essential Oil Massage. Experience the refreshing addition of doTERRA’s Lavender, Lemon or Peppermint to complement and complete your relaxing detox foot bath experience.


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