May 2024 Be Your Best Year EVER!


Making Your Visions Come Alive

Making Your Visions Come Alive, Becoming a Master Creator, began with our own visions and dreams. We wanted to become Master Creators and to understand the laws of creation, the laws of manifestation; and to understand what got in the way of our creations.

We became master question askers. We wanted to become one with God; and to have our hearts knit in unity with His and to be in alignment with the Divine source of creation. We indeed had big dreams and goals. We love truth and we love sharing the wisdom and knowledge we have gained along the way. We have learned to have fun and laugh through every part of the journey, as we persevered until our visions truly came alive. Thus began our journey to become Master Students of the Law of Attraction and Master Creators.

We invite YOU to join us, as we share what we've learned about our inspired Creative Process.

The Oneness Center

The Oneness Center began as individual dreams of many years ago. It eventually manifested into the Healing Center that we desired to create, called The Oneness Center, Becoming One in Mind, Body and Spirit. Debra's dream was to educate others about the total body experience and help them heal through education, hands-on and Divine inspiration. Tannie's dream was to heal the mind, to heal the heart, to open the heart and become one with God through inspired processes. They met through a mutual friend and through Divine orchestration their desire for a Center manifested!

"It's been quite a journey to build a business from the ground up, when for the past thirty plus years we were focused on building a successful family. To create a business and sustain it, and our personal lives, has been very educational and faith promoting. It gave us ample opportunity to become powerful creators and learn how to manifest our dreams. We created our beautiful Center in a beautiful rural community with a world wide clientele and audience, via the phone and the web. We are grateful for the experience, education, and stories that we gleaned and learned from.  We closed the Oneness Center in the summer of 2023 to open our hearts and lives to our new dream located at Welcome Aboard."

The Oneness Center was one of our dream come true, now let us help your with yours. What's your dream, what do you want, what makes you happy and brings you joy?