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Finding Joy in Raising Hale

Audiobook by Debra Hale

Laugh with me and cry with me as I share - Finding Joy in Raising Hale

These are my stories and experiences raising HALE. It is my testimony to you that there is a GIFT in all those challenges of life. Learning and growing in wisdom and love is the by-product of surviving: Childhood, Marriage, Children, Work and Ministering to my fellowman (and woman).

♫ Introduction To Debra

♫ Never Say Never

♫ Out of The Mouth of Babes

♫ Praying For Patience

♫ Be The Lighthouse

♫ Learning To Let Go

♫ Soul Food

♫ Finding Joy

Radio Interviews

A dear, dear friend and Radio Host, Barbara Bruce invited me to have a radio spot on her show "Believe" she dubbed it "The White Mountain Talk show destined to empower you to believe you can do anything you set your mind to, if you just believe." I dubbed my show "Wakeup Call with Debra" The following segments are from those radio shows. I invite YOU to wakeup to your Power and Glory and Magnificence as you listen and remember!

♫ Finding Joy In Raising Hale - July 2012

♫ Don't Be's all perception - April 2012

♫ World of Mirrors - March 2012

♫ The Power of Love - February 2012

♫ Vision Boards - January 2012

♫ Gifts In Strange Wrapping Paper - December 2011

♫ A Grateful Heart - October 2011

♫ Faith or Fear - September 2011

♫ Change: The Essence of Life - August 2011

♫ Creative Process - July 2011

♫ Learn How To Create - June 2011

♫ Where Do We Start? - May 2011

♫ Heart Centered Therapy - April 2011

♫ Knowledge Is Power - March 2011

♫ Our Own Physician - February 2011

♫ Power of Love - January 2011

♫ If It's To Be It's Up To Me - December 2010