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Tannie Bennett



Tannie Bennett received her formal education from Brigham Young University, Arizona State University, The Oregon State Rapid Eye Institute and The National Guild of Hypnotists based in Merrimack New Hampshire.

 She is presently working in the field of Energy Psychology in private practice and as spiritual coach. Her passion is to assist others on their journey through life. Helping them to recover from their limiting beliefs and personal stress patterns.

She has a gift for identifying whatever is keeping you from the life of your dreams. She uses her intuitive gifts and release process to help you clear blocks that are keeping you stuck, stressed and are in the way of achieving your personal goals. She can also help you reconnect to your spiritual truth and divine life purpose.

She encourages her students and clients to have an open mind and a willingness to try something new. If you want permanent change, if you want to have a successful joy filled life, it will require a new set of skills, skills that create the desired results.

Her educational endeavors are ongoing. She looks at each moment, each situation in life as an opportunity to learn. She believes everyone she meets is a master and has something wonderful to offer to humanity. Her passion is to help them discover this for themselves. Tannie loves to teach and has taught spiritual principles for most of her adult life. She now offers life changing sessions, seminars, and courses. Tannie lives and loves what she teaches.

Come join her for one of life’s most purposeful journeys.


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