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Making Your Visions Come Alive - Becoming a Master Creator

About The Course

Debra Hale and Tannie Bennett have made a name for themselves… 
“The Dream Team.” Over the course of many years and experiences, in their intention of making their dreams come true, these two women have discovered the inspired missing pieces to becoming a master creator! This course will introduce you to their inspired unique Vision Board and how it flows. Using the wisdom of God and Science they have answered the questions to why we can’t move forward in our dreams and why we keep getting what we don’t want, when all we really want is, what we do want! 
What makes this Vision Board Course different from all the rest?
  • We teach the natural flow of energy and how to use it in your creations to magnify your results.
  • How to build a DREAM blueprint and how time spent in the blueprint stage will prevent disaster when the dream is built.
  • How to use multiple sources of energy, to maximize your results.
  • We introduce an amazing activation process that really gets things moving.
  • Our program helps you discover what your heart wants, and how to bring it into alignment with what your head wants. 
  • It helps you discover and remove your blocks to creation and manifesting.
  • We are all creators…so  we teach how other’s creations can affect your creation. 
  • MYVCA brings clarity about what is keeping you from your dreams and then gives you the tools needed to identify and remove them.
  • Tools to discover how close your dreams are to manifesting, which brings hope.
  • We can answer your “Whys.” 
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