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Becoming a Master Creator Questions & Answers

A: The best thing you can do to create a more positive life and living space is to practice the principle of gratitude. When you spend a significant portion of your day in gratitude for all things, even your challenges, you will begin to shift into a more positive place. Then you will begin to see that there is a gift in even the negative experiences you are having. When you practice gratitude on a daily basis, you begin to see that life is really good and there is purpose in all things.

A: One of the most significant things that one can do to connect to their higher self is looking at all of the life-challenges you have gone through with the intention of seeing how those challenges have been a blessing to your life and how they have helped you to become this new and improved version of yourself.

When you can see that your challenges were inspired and purposeful (with the intention to help you develop into an amazing individual) and you begin to see how you have developed and all those positive aspects of yourself, you begin to love the journey and love the person you have become.

When you can see yourself in the process of becoming and knowing that all things were for your good, you will gain understanding of your higher self and how brilliantly inspired you are in creating your unique life growth plan.

A: All of those are patterns and triggers that are coming up blocking you from getting to your goal of peace, safety and comfort. You have asked for a significant gift, you have a significant dream and blocks will naturally occur on your way to that dream. When you see the connection to the dream and the blocks, you will want to begin to release those blocks with joy and gratitude.

So instead of being stopped by your blocks, you want to celebrate and party on. It's information, it's a simple matter of clearing your blocks as soon as they show up. So... CLEAR AND RECOGNIZE YOUR BLOCKS AS SOON AS THEY SHOW UP.

We applaud you for being able to bring up so much at once and still have a smile on your face. You are better, braver and more capable than you think you are. Just clear those blocks to your dreams. You are on your way!

A: There is nothing better than becoming consciously aware of your purpose or one of your purposes. When one is connected to their higher purpose, they feel empowered, excited, passionate, and they feel they have the strength to move forward. They will feel all of those feelings until they are triggered - then their blocks show up. This will simply be a matter of clearing the block and stepping back into that positive feeling place.

When you have something that drives you to move forward, it is usually connected to your life purpose.

A: When you begin to awaken, it is like a rollercoaster ride. When you awaken, you are so excited about the process and usually go through your positives and negatives very quickly. For those of you that are truly passionate about healing and discovering your life's purpose, it can feel like hitting a wall when you run into your blocks. So you can have extreme moments where you are happy and then miserable, and then happy and miserable. You simply want to inform your loved ones about your passionate goals and tell them that it is going to be a rollercoaster ride. The more passion you have about reaching your dreams, the more dynamic and painful your down moments will be. You will want to inform them that you are determined and to please bear with your ups and downs. Warn them that whenever you get tearful, moody, mad, angry, withdrawn, forceful or basically whenever you go negative, that you are in a trigger. Let them know that you are in a trigger and will process the trigger as soon as possible. Ask them to please support you, be allowing of your process and PLEASE do not take your emotional ups and downs personally. I will tell you now ... they will come.

A: If you feel it is yours, you will want to process either internal or external energy in the ways you have been taught. You will always want to be accountable for what you feel. It is actually a very empowering train of thought when you feel it's yours. You enter into victim thinking when you feel un-empowered and feel there is nothing you can do. There is always something you can do to change your circumstances. Whether it is internal or external energy, you are always empowered to create change. 

A: I feel in many ways we have touched on that in the previous answer but we can add that for individuals that are truly passionate about life, goals and success, they will go through a very vigorous bootcamp or training ground. The quicker you learn and use these clearing tools, the quicker you can get out of the negative life circumstances. This is what Debra and I have been so passionate about, in our classes and getting this work out, because we have asked that question many, many times.

A: From the sample of questions that were sent in, you can start to see a pattern of challenging life experiences. We all have challenging life experiences but most of us don't know what to do with them. This is the very purpose that we have created this course. We asked these questions; we have asked hundreds maybe even thousands of questions because of the very things you are going through. Our entire library of works and creations are to answer those very questions that you are asking now. Our passion was to get the answers to these questions so that we could help not only ourselves but everybody know what to do with the challenges they are facing in life.

We commend you on asking inspired questions. It is our prayer, our desire, and drive to be able to answer those questions because they were our questions. Now you see from the group participation that you are not alone. Everyone on planet earth is experiencing similar life challenges but many of us do not know what to do about it because we are in such heavy, dark, negative emotion.

Our passion is to help you raise up out of the darkness and become a being of light. We want to help you clearly see where you have been, where you want to go, and understand the growth and learning process that you are involved in everyday! This is what our entire work is about - to help you help yourself and become more of what you're meant to be.

When you begin to understand the energy sources and the purpose of the negative energy, plus you have the tools that you need to shift the energy, you become empowered and you can teach this to your loved ones, companions, friends and family. But before you teach it, let's get a solid foundation within you and help you understand where YOU are going on this journey.

A: This is the process of connecting to your true heart's desire. You have an idea and you work with it, you get more clarity, you clarify your desire, you work with it, more things come up, you get more clarity, and you refine your desire. In our program, we call that process "gaining detailed clarity" and it is also about prioritizing. When you learn to prioritize your dreams, it helps you get detailed clarity about exactly what you want. There is a process in our book that teaches that very thing, it is about prioritizing and getting detailed clarity. You are perfectly involved in the process of getting what you want, but we simply would like to encourage you to not get discouraged and inform you that you are well on your way.

A: Yes, that is a common question. We all feel that at times. This trigger is usually a childhood school memory. Simply use your clearing tools, clear it and move back into joy.

We want to inform you there is no right or wrong in this program because the whole point of every part of our life experiences is to create growth, so it's all good.

A: Trusting in the simplicity of the process is your first step. If you do not feel at peace after you let go, then your next question is: "What's next, what else is there?" In the beginning it may take time to feel the shift of letting go, and if you are new to this, you may have quite a few patterns or beliefs to release.

Belief is everything. If you believe that it can be this easy, then it will be. But, if you believe you are not letting go, then you won't.

Deb and I have worked at this for years and have been able to literally move mountains of false beliefs and we can feel the shift. If you feel that you still need to feed into it or are feeding into it, you simply ask other questions, "Why do I do this? What is my belief? What else is there that I am ready to let go of?" Trust that with questions, the answers will appear.

A: In the beginning it will feel like that. You will fill bombarded by negativity. It's quite like picking up the toys after the cousins come over. At first it may feel overwhelming, but as you begin to pick up or to let go, you let go, you let go, you let go, you will begin to feel your progress. Sometimes, in the beginning, you might seek help with the patterns with friends and loved ones who know how to release negative energy, or you may simply want to spend more time at it yourself. Remember the process can be easy. It will simply be a matter of taking the time to do the work just like cleaning up the toy room. It takes time to clean up but soon you'll see and feel the fruits of your labor.

A: Great question - the key to letting go and surrendering is to be conscious and aware of it and release on a regular basis. A simple metaphor would be if you are outside and a fly lands on your shoulder, you simply shoo it away. So, when a negative thought or belief lands in your mind, you simply use your clearing prayer or tools and shoo it away. It can be that simple. Then refocus your thoughts on your dreams. When you shoo a fly away, you don't think of it any longer, instead you focus on your conversation and keep doing what you're doing - you don't focus on the fly. So as soon as you let go of a pattern, refocus on your dream and what you're doing and where you want to go, not on the patterns and false beliefs you just cleared. It's that simple.

A: Your heart will lead you into the next stage of your experience. If you feel at peace and have joy in that time spent, then you know you are on the right path. If you have your dream clearly defined and focused goals set, your passion or study is leading you to those desired results.

A: I start with deep breathing. When you deep breathe first thing, the increased oxygen to the body releases a chemical to tell your muscles that it is time to move. When you increase oxygen, you have more strength to move and won't need the stimulants we often use to get moving and make it through the morning. Next, perhaps you can think about your desired goals. This thought alone will make you happy. Keep your focus on your desired goals and start your gratitudes and then you can take it from there. I often do a cheer chant which makes me so happy. A great morning ritual is to activate your Vision Board first thing. We want to keep our focus on what we want, not what we don't want.

A: When you first begin this journey, a significant and important part is learning to recognize your feelings. Sometimes we have to feel really bad before we realize we have been slipping into that "really bad" feeling for a day or so. It is a matter of learning to identify negative emotions before you get to that "face in the pavement feeling", before you become acutely aware you are not in a good spot. But sometimes it takes that bottomed out place to begin to have a desire to even see your negative emotions.

So you begin where you are, which is having a challenging time noticing. The first step in noticing your negativity is to set your intention to do so. Then, pray about it and ask for extra help to become aware and have it brought to your attention before you go into the "face in the pavement" moment. With intention and extra help you will get nudges like, "Oh, I am in a less-than-good place." Once you start to feel yourself drop into grumpy, sad and mad emotions, you will be awakened and you will start your processes early so you don't have that full "face down in the pavement" experience.

You are learning a new skill and becoming aware sooner.It takes time and practice but you will get it. The more you release, the more aware you are of feeling good, because you release more often and that is when you start to become conscious of where you are at on your scale of 1-10.

A: Remember this hard and fast rule - Anytime you go into negative emotion over anything you want you are in a trigger. The question is: Did you really want to go to lunch or did you need to go to lunch with her? If you feel pushed to do something you don't want to do, that is an indication of a trigger. Likewise, if you wanted to want to but couldn't, that also is a trigger.

You mentioned you would rather have stayed home because you're not the type of person who likes to do this type of thing. So we ask, do you want to be the kind of person that goes out to lunch or do you really just like being at home?

You will want to get very clear about what you really want. What is really important to you?

To the second part of your question, when you think about doing something you don't want to do you will lose your energy, it will take you down. Start by asking yourself questions like: "I don't want to do this because... I don't want to go there because...?" Sometimes it's simply a matter of becoming aware of what you really want and honoring your own heart.

A: We all have people we want to fix. Doing your own work helps others to a degree, but the reason we want to fix others is because of the discomfort that it causes within ourselves. Often when a loved one is challenged we feel somehow responsible for their negative life experience, especially if it is a child. The truth is, we each chose our life experience and our challenges and the things we wanted to learn from our life challenges.

The best help that you could give anyone is to see them in their Whole Healed Healthy State - visualize that and pray for them often. That is the best help you can give. What we believe would serve you and perhaps your husband the most is to ask the question within yourself, "Why does my daughter's choices cause me discomfort?"

When you get the understanding that is deep within your heart, you will have an immediate shift and you will be in a more significant place to allow them their journey. The question that you want to ask is, "What is the best service I can render to my daughter to help her achieve the life experience that she wanted to gain?" When you pray to be inspired in another's behalf, that inspiration will come to you, often unbeknownst to you.

The best tools you can use on another's behalf is to ask questions on how you can offer inspired service and how you can offer love to them in a way that they will respond to. Genuine love is the healing power.

A: This is normal! The biggest challenge in seeing or using imagery is your expectation of seeing. Visual people call it "seeing", kinesthetic people call it "feeling", and others may call it "a knowing." Basically, it is how you connect to spirit which is really what you are seeking. Ask, "What is my method of communicating with spirit matter?" That can develop in many ways.

Visualization or imagery is an important quality to develop because when you can visualize your goal, your subconscious mind gets a clear picture of what is wanted. Being able to visualize begins with a belief that you can, and that it can be easy. A simple exercise you can do daily is to think of a specific object, close your eyes and see that in your mind.

You can get children's flash cards like ball, bear etc. and flip a card or say a word and try to see that object in your mind. To become visual is a process or skill that can be developed in time accompanied with a firm belief that you can and that it will come.

A: Yes, everyone has spiritual sight!

A: Remember our lesson last week about everyone being a broadcasting station - you are picking up the energy that is in the airwaves. That is external energy. When it's yours, it doesn't go away that easily. It's that simple.

A: That is where most people start. Because they see people that laugh and have fun and feel good and they want to be there, but they don't have one ounce of joy or good feeling. They don't know how to bridge the gap from everyday feeling bad to feeling good.

So if everyday is filled with triggers, beginning that change can be overwhelming. That is a very tough point - but it is doable. You start with an intention to clear the heavy hitters or the big programs that cycle most often, such as "I'm not good enough, I can't do this, no one is there for me, I'm all alone." There are programs that are universal that everyone has and you want to process with intention the big programs and clear them with your clearing tools and then you feel like you can breathe - and start again.

In the beginning it can feel overwhelming but as you persist and are diligent with your clearing work, you will soon be able to get to the place where you can maintain your peace, happiness and joy for longer periods of time.

It is important to understand that it is a process. Change is happening, even in the beginning.

It is kind of like doing big loads of laundry. After two or three loads you still don't feel like you made a dent but if you keep doing it you will eventually get there. Just keep at it and you will eventually get into a better feeling place and feel your progress.

A. The journey to learn to trust oneself is an important journey. Before you do anything, you set an intention for the outcome you want. Meaning, I'm going to ask a question and my intention is to clearly hear and discern the answer. I want my answer to come from a high, divine, enlightened source. Then you ask the question.

Once you set up the parameters for the details, you can then trust that you are going to be inspired. It will take some practice, as it does with any new skill, gift, or talent one desires to acquire.

When you set your intention to have pure discernment, you can then move on to the next question. If the lack of trust continues to reoccur, you will want to clear your trust patterns and beliefs. Then try again.

We are often taught erroneously in our youth to not trust what we feel. Often a child may feel scared and the parent will say, "You're okay, you're okay, you're okay," instead of acknowledging, "I know this is hard for you but I am here to support you." Often there are significant trust patterns that you will want to clear. Then you will be able to feel comfortable and at peace with the answers you receive.

A. If you feel emotionally drained in someone's presence, the first check point is within yourself. You ask yourself, "What judgments do I have of this person?" If you recognize your judgments, you'll want to clear them and look within yourself how that individual might be mirroring you. Negative judgments can lower your vibration which will feel like a loss to you.

The next step to take, if you have that exchange with another person, is to pray that you will see them always in their truth and help to bring it out so that they can see it as well.

Our intention, when we are in the presence of others, is to help awaken them to their divine truth, and while doing so you will be awakened to your own divine truth. Our goal is to see the best in others and help them see that within themselves. When you lift another by seeing only the good in them, they will be uplifted around you and more easily able to step into a better feeling and thinking place. You never want to underestimate your power and potential to affect someone else's life for good. You have great power to be a positive influence on those around you.

A. There are two sources in your life - internal and external and there are both positive and negative within those sources. It is a journey to develop discernment upon the origin of the source. The original origin for all patterns, both positive and negative, happened before you came to earth. You chose your life experiences both positive and negative.

We often attribute the negative power source to Satan or the Adversary, who is also known as the father of all lies. When you have a negative pattern in the DNA, the basis of that pattern is false -- which is why it is negative. It is your untruth; it's your opposite of who you really are. So, our journey through life is to learn how to use the negative influences and powers in a positive way. If you don't learn to use negative energy in a positive way, you become a victim of that negative life force.

When you can see the opposition, no matter what you call it, as a gift, it instantly loses its negative power because you have turned it into good in your life. That is the journey that we chose to experience so that we could gain knowledge and experience. From every aspect of life, we grow and gain knowledge and choose again. It's just one big happy journey to joy. We experience life's ups and downs, positives and negatives, which brings us our ultimate growth as we get to choose -- moment by moment -- what we want to entertain, what we want to feel, what we want to become and what we want to experience. Whatever you entertain mentally, you will experience more of.

A. A great starting point, again, is to begin with intention. Your intention is to be a positive influence in their lives. Your intention could also include to maintain your happy, upbeat energy. You often want to consider praying that they will see their true divine self. When one clearly sees and discerns who they really are, they will strive to do everything in their power to attain and maintain that vision of their truth. The greatest service that you can render someone is to see that and treat them accordingly.

A: Being triggered is actually a good thing - it doesn't feel good, but it's a good indication of an element that is out of harmony in your own life. If someone in your outer world can affect the peace of your inner world, you will want to understand and recognize and handle that situation and bring it into resolution so that it doesn't happen again. The more you have the opportunity to work on yourself, the more empowered and stronger you'll be. If you have worked on yourself internally for a significant period of time and you're still not able to maintain positive energy flow, that's when you become very conscious and aware of external sources of energy, how they influence you and what to do about it. Becoming aware of the source of the negative energy is very empowering and very freeing. Once you learn how to process both internal and external energy, you will then be able to maintain a more balanced state of being -- as well as increasing your ability to manifest your dreams.

A. Again -- we begin with intention. If you know that you are going to be around them, you intend to be inspired on their behalf. Some people, as they grieve, just need to be held. Some people just need to be heard or have a shoulder to cry on. Some people need an encouraging word as simple as, "I know this is hard, I know you can do this, you'll get through this."

No one ever needs or hear "Snap out of it! You've been in this long enough." They are in it as long as they need to be in it even though their grieving may cause you significant discomfort. If their grieving causes you discomfort, you can offer inspired prayers on their behalf and then check your inner sources for unresolved grief.

Love, kindness and encouragement is always appreciated when someone is grieving.

A: This is a hard and fast rule, anytime you don't want to do what you want to do, you are in a trigger. We invite you to begin with questions to discover why you don't want to do what's good for you, and what will help you. Ask, "I don't want to do this because?" Listen to your heart, the answers are always there.

Usually the trigger is based in fear. When you process it, you will then be able to do what you want to do and you'll be able to want to do what you want to do.

A. Usually when you can't stay focused it's because you have too much going on. You have too many things you are thinking about. Too many responsibilities and your mind does not know what to settle in on. When this occurs, you set your intention to have the gift of setting priorities, have the ability to see what's really important, and have the power to see it through. Then if you need assistance with those projects, set your intention that you will get the assistance that is needed from others.

In the moment that you are feeling overwhelmed, it would be a good practice to press your pause button, get some water to drink, go outside, get fresh air, clear your mind, breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax. Then you can set your priorities again and ask for help to know what is the most important thing to accomplish.

Usually when we feel overwhelmed, not all that's on the list are things that you want to do or take care of - there are things everybody puts on your list. If someone puts something on your list that they are capable of doing, this will be a time to set boundaries and a time where you can learn to say no. Say something like, "I am grateful that you asked me to help you out here, but I am not able to attend to that at this time. But I am sure if you ask God, He will inspire you to know who can help you with that."

You will want to send people back to source so that they can get the inspired help that they need in order to do what they need to do.

A: To start dreaming again, you begin by taking time to dream. Take yourself to your mental place of light - your beach or mountain or home, your safe place - and mentally see yourself there. Take some deep breaths and ask yourself the question, "What do I want? What do I really, really want? What would my life be better with?" Then you pause and allow the thoughts to come into your mind. If your mind wanders again, ask the question again to pull your mind back to the question at hand, "What do I want? What do I really really want. What would I love. What makes me happy?" Trust what comes into your mind. If your mind remains blank after a period of time, you have some clearing work to do. Your next question to ask would be, "What is in the way of me discovering what I want?" You may discover patterns such as, "I never get what I want. It's not okay to ask for anything that I want. What I want doesn't matter." When you find those beliefs, you clear them and then you ask again, "What do I want? What do I really, really want? What do I love?" Then make way for the answers to show up. Remember - this is a process, it is a journey. We are so proud of you for asking these questions.

A: Yes - It is called intention and prayer! That's as simple as you can get!

A: Oftentimes the last thoughts on your mind or the energy you go to bed in will affect your wake-up mood. It is like putting your record button on pause, you sleep and you wake up in the same energy you went to bed in. So the question is what are you doing right at bed time? If you want to change your morning energy, start by changing your night-time energy.

A: One of the most common mistakes that we make as human beings is to allow the negativity to ruminate. If you were to find yourself falling or tripping, you would try to catch yourself right then and there instead of going all the way to the ground. We want you to develop those types of auto responses, that when you feel yourself slip, you catch yourself before you go all the way to the ground. If you allow yourself to fall, the pain is much more extensive than if you were to try to catch yourself in the fall. Would you agree?

Yes! So the next question might be how do you catch yourself in an emotional fall?

One technique would be to check yourself frequently as to where you are on the feeling spectrum. (1 = feeling down on the bottom floor and 10 = feeling fabulous.) Ask yourself throughout the day, "Where am I?"

You will develop the skills needed to catch the fall, rather than allowing yourself to go all the way to the bottom. If you are a 5 or below, you will really want to work on yourself and start processing your negative thoughts. So the true goal is to catch yourself before you hit the ground and you can - by being mindful of yourself and your emotional wellness.

A: Yes, it is the same.

A: Everything that goes through your head that is negative like, "I don't care anymore, this is too much, I can't get on top, I am feeling horrible, I always feel horrible" - that is what you clear. Catch yourself in your negative scripts and release them as quickly as they come into mind. It won't always be this heavy but when you have a significant goal it can get pretty intense.

A: You have goals because it is human nature to always want something more and better. You may not be fully aware of how many times you put out a desire of your heart, but you do it naturally and instinctively. Our intention in this program is to help you become a conscious, intentional, Master Creator so that you can have more power and influence over the course of your own life. If you spent time thinking about it, you would soon become aware of the desires of your heart that you have cast upon the waters, so to speak.

A: These are the types of programs that we want you to become aware of. We want you to become consciously aware of negative influences and the impact that is attacking your life and keeping you in a less-than-good place. We invite you to become conscious of where you are at, because when you become conscious of where you are at, you are then empowered to do something about it instead of living day to day in misery.

A: The first place you begin is with a question, "What do I want? What do I love? What's really important to me?" You ask those types of questions to yourself over and over and over again. It will be like you are creating a catalog for yourself, or a registry of wants. You can even get pictures. Then you look back upon your registry of wants or your list to determine what you really want. But you dream, you just spend time dreaming of, "If I could have anything, what would it be?" Continue asking yourself, "What is really important to me? What do I really love? What do I really want?" Keep asking those types of questions and spend time writing down the responses. If you spend time with this, you will begin to see patterns develop - you'll have the same theme over and over again. Then you will begin to see from that experience, what your heart really wants, because you'll be turning back again and again to the same things. Once you see your own patterns of things that are important to you, then begin to focus on those items and build those dreams. In the past, we have often spent so much of our time serving others that we don't even know our own hearts and we don't know what would make us really happy.

You can also ask questions of yourself like, "What is in the way of my dreams and goals? Why can't I dream?" Then you'll discover patterns that are blocking you from being able to tune into self or dream of something more. Remember, any time you go into negative emotion over anything you want, you are in a trigger. Most people do not realize how often their life is engaged in repetitive patterns that can be cleared.

So in a nutshell - clear your patterns, catch yourself before you fall and create and build your dreams.