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FunShop Conference Call Questions & Answers

Q: How can I create a more positive life and a positive living space? I want to radiate positivity. 

A: The best thing you can do to create a more positive life and living space is to practice the principle of gratitude. When you spend a significant portion of your day in gratitude for all things, even your challenges, you will begin to shift into a more positive place. Then you will begin to see that there is a gift in even the negative experiences you are having. When you practice gratitude on a daily basis you begin to see that life is really good and there is purpose in all things. 


Q: How do I connect to my true self – I want to feel connected but I feel lost.

A: One of the most significant things that one can do to connect to their higher self is looking at all of the life-challenges you have gone through with the intention of seeing how those challenges have been a blessing to your life and how they have helped you to become this new and improved version of yourself. 

When you can see that your challenges were inspired and purposeful (with the intention to help you develop into an amazing individual) and you begin to see how you have developed and all those positive aspects of yourself, you begin to love the journey and love the person you have become. 

When you can see yourself in the process of becoming, knowing that all things were for your good, you will gain understanding of your higher self and how brilliantly inspired you are in creating your unique life growth, becoming plan. 


Q: I want to create a space of comfort, safety, & peace...

 Why do I doubt myself?

Why am I putting off making any forward movement?

Why do I fear letting go?

Why do I fear new beginnings?

Why do I feel not good enough?

Why do I feel less than...?

A: All of those were patterns and triggers that are coming up that are blocking you from getting to your goal of peace, safety and comfort. You have asked for a significant gift, you have a significant dream and blocks will naturally occur on your way to that dream. When you see the connection to the dream and the blocks, you will want to begin to release those blocks with joy and gratitude. 

So instead of being stopped by your blocks, you want to celebrate and party on. It's information, it's a simple matter of clearing your blocks as soon as they show up. So... CLEAR AND RECOGNIZE YOUR BLOCKS AS SOON AS THEY SHOW UP.

We applaud you for being able to bring up so much at once and still have a smile on your face. You are better, braver and more capable than you think you are. Just clear those blocks to your dreams. You are on your way! 


Q: How will I know when I found my true purpose? 

A: There is nothing better than becoming consciously aware of your purpose or one of your purposes. When one is connected to their higher purpose they feel empowered, excited, passionate, and they feel they have the strength to move forward into that. They will feel all of those feelings until they are triggered - then their blocks show up. This will simply be a matter of clearing the block and stepping back into that positive feeling place. 

When you have something that drives you to move forward in it, it is usually connected to your life purpose. 


Q: How do we handle (it) when our family and friends think we’ve finally lost our minds, when in reality we’re just going through an awakening of the soul?

A: When you begin to awaken, it is like a rollercoaster ride. When you awaken you are so excited about the process you usually go through your positive and negatives very quickly. We call this being on a rollercoaster. For those of you that are truly passionate about healing and discovering their life's purpose, it can feel like hitting a wall when you run into your blocks. So you can have extreme moments where you are happy and then miserable, and then happy and miserable. You simply want to inform your loved ones about your passionate goals and tell them that it is going to be a rollercoaster ride. The more passion you have about reaching your dreams the more dynamic and painful your down moments will be, but you will want to inform them you are determined so please bear with my ups and downs. Warn them that whenever I get tearful, moody, mad, angry, withdrawn, forceful or basically whenever I go negative I am in a trigger and I know I am in a trigger and I will process my trigger as soon as possible. Ask them to please support me, be allowing of my process and PLEASE do not take my emotional ups and down personally. I will tell you now ... they will come. 


Q. When I get mad over something someone else says, what is the best way to handle that?

A: If you feel it it is yours, you will want to process either internal or external energy in the ways you have been taught. You will always want to be accountable for what you feel. The rule of thumb is it is actually a very empowering train of thought when you feel it's yours because you enter into victim thinking when you feel un-empowered and feel there is nothing you can do.

There is always something you can do to change your circumstances. Whether it is internal or external energy you are always empowered to create change. That is significant and more information will be given in our FunShop number 5. 


Q: How do we handle the fact that to heal ourselves we have to go through a lot of emotional pain and sometimes our family and friends don’t understand why we are emotional - and easily triggered - more than ever? 

A: I feel in many ways we have touched on that in the previous answer but we can add that for individuals that are truly passionate about life, goals and success, they will go through a very vigorous bootcamp or training ground. The quicker you learn these tools, the quicker you can get out of the negative life circumstances. This is what Debra and I have been so passionate about, in our classes and getting this work out because we have asked that question many, many times. 


Q: I seem to be triggered on a daily basis the last few months. It takes a toll on relationships with family and friends.  How do I go through this without taking it out on family and friends?

A: From the sample of questions that were sent in you can start to see a pattern of challenging life experiences. We all have challenging life experiences but most of us don't know what to do with them. This is the very purpose that we have created this course. We asked these questions; we have asked hundreds maybe even thousands of questions because of the very things you are going through. Our entire library of works and creations are to answer those very questions that you are asking now. Our passion was to get the answer to these questions so that we could help not only ourselves but also everybody else know what to do with these very challenges they are facing in life. 

We commend you on asking inspired questions. And it is our prayer and our desire and drive to be able to answer those questions because they were our questions and now you see from the group participation that you are not alone, everyone on planet earth is experiencing similar life challenges. but many of us do not know what to do about it because we are in such heavy dark negative emotion.

Our passion is to help you to raise up out of the darkness and become a being of light and help you see clearly where you have been and where you want to go and understand the growth and learning process that you are involved in everyday! This is what our entire work is about - to help you help yourself and become more of what you're meant to be.  

When you begin to understand the energy sources and the purpose of the negative energy, and you have the tools that you need to shift the energy, you become empowered and you can teach this to your loved ones, companions, friends and family. But before you teach it let's get a solid foundation within you. Help you understand where YOU are going on this journey. 


Q: How do I connect to my true heart's desire or what I really really want? I think I have it but it keeps changing. 

A: That is the process of connecting to your true heart's desire because you have an idea and you work with it you get more clarity, you clarify your desire, you work with it, more things come up, you get more clarity, you refine your desire. In our program we call that process "gaining detailed clarity," and it is also about prioritizing. When you learn to prioritize your dreams, it helps you get detailed clarity about exactly what you want. There is a process in our book that teaches that very thing, it is about prioritizing and getting detailed clarity. You are perfectly involved in the process of getting what you want, but we simply would like to encourage you to not get discouraged and inform you that you are well on your way.


Q: Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing it right or I'm not getting it right, and I have fear. Is that a trigger?

A: Yes, that is a common question. We all feel that at times. This trigger is usually a childhood school memory. Simply use your clearing tools, clear it and move back into joy.

We want to inform you there is no right or wrong in this program because the whole point of every part of our life experience is to create growth, so it's all good.