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Journey To Joy

About The Course

Come experience the life-changing work of Tannie Bennett as you participate daily in focused meditation, deep breathing, relaxation, and daily mental imaging, plus a lot more. This is a must have experience for all who are truly serious about changing their life. Tannie has been the recipient of destructive abuse and in the process of her own healing has learned the principles in this work. She has left her life of sorrow, remorse, abuse, and pain, and is now living her life in joy.

In this eight week course you will…

  • Learn how to let go of the pain from the past, and everything that is keeping you from the life of your dreams.
  • Experience the feelings of being in the presence of one of God’s greatest miracles, YOU!
  • Learn to awaken the greatest part of you, and become a positive person who lives his life daily in joy.
  • Discover the light within, your magical healer, and your true identity as a gifted child of God.
  • Learn techniques and tools that will change your life forever.
  • Learn to see the opposition in your life from a different perspective.
  • Understand why you keep repeating the same old patterns, and why change is so difficult.
  • Learn how to become a positive person who lives life daily, “In Joy.”
  • Learn about your family, your DNA, and the role they play in your opposition.
  • Learn to apply principles of abundant and productive living as you embark on this
    marvelous Journey to Joy.

This eight week course includes…

    • Your choice of a Journey to Joy Student Kit, which includes a workbook, multiple CD’s and a manual featuring an easy Self Care Guide, Journey to Joy tool box and more.
    • Eight evening classes with Tannie, which will introduce topics such as …
      1. The basics of energy work
      2. The power of thought
      3. Your internal guidance system
      4. How to get the help you need
      5. Tool which will help you relieve stress while raising your vibration
      6. Using opposition or negative energy in a positive way
      7. Keeping your focus
      8. Love, the healing power
All this material is included in your kit.
    • Personal coaching and mentoring from Tannie.
    • Plus you will learn fantastic new stress release processes that can change how you feel in an instant. This is something everyone needs to know.

In Journey to Joy you will learn to let go of the pain of your past, discover your divine nature, and live the life of your dreams. Don’t delay, reserve your place today. Your life will never be the same. Sign up NOW and Save 20% by purchasing a complete kit with the $200.00 course fee.

To sign up, call or email: 928.321.8288 or

Journey To Joy Testimonials

“This is truly a work of divine love…” – Stephanie

“A remarkable experience… touching the very core of the sole. It is an inspired work.” – Debi

“I have learned more about myself in the last two months, than I have in my whole life.” – Bobby

“I marvel at the awakening and new understanding I received!” – Sally

“I watched the course member’s transform before my eyes… it has been a life changing experience!” – Lora

“This course has changed the inner most core of my being. I have learned how to ride the waves of adversity and maintain balance, peace, love and joy.” – Sylvia

“It’s a miracle! Thank you, thank you. Thank you for this wonderful program.” – Jana

“I face each day with new courage. I laugh more, love more and enjoy my family more than ever. This journey cleansed my soul and left me yearning to learn more, to reach new heights and expand myself… it has forever changed my life.” – Sandy

“… I was able to release so much pain, anxiety, guilt, remorse, and even despair that I have carried deep in my soul for over fifty years! I have not felt this kind of peace in many years… I thank you.” – Lewetta

“On my Journey to Joy I found ME and then I found CONFIDENCE in me. Now, by knowing who I am, life has been a lot easier and much more fun!” – Leah

“This is the “How To” course for accessing true joy.” – Marcelle

“An inspired work which taught me to find peace and joy by inviting God into every aspect of my life. This course has forever changed my life.” – Danni