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Seminars, Classes, & Workshops

Workshop Topics Include:

The Basics of Emergency Stress Relief - Learn the basic of emergency stress release. You will love having these tools on hand to help you cope and manage your life. You can master them all in this wonderful mini-workshop!

How to Improve Your Work | Productivity Environment - Learn the importance of everyone’s energetic contribution to the work environment. Acquire significant skills & tools to help release stress which will help make your work space a wonderful place to be. Ascertain high self-esteem & cooperative learning skills which can be used throughout your life. Book this workshop today!

Facing Fears and Letting Go - In this outstanding workshop learn the answers to many significant questions about fears, plus learn wonderful techniques & tools which will help you discover your hidden fears, face them & let them go. Facing your fears could never be so much fun!

Making Your Vision Board Come Alive - Learn the power of thought, emotion, & imagery in this wonderful Vision Board workshop. Learn how to build an easy live Vision Board. Learn what is blocking you from getting what you want. Discover how to activate your vision board & really make it come alive. You will learn new information about vision boards you won’t get anywhere else but here. Book this workshop today!

Go Gratitude – A Great Way to Change Your Attitude - Learn the power of gratitude & the significant way it can change your life. Build a unique but simple tool that will help you get into the attitude of gratitude on a daily basis!

Your Perfect Day - Enjoy the fun of creating a perfect day & share your wonderful ideas with others. Learn the principles of creating as you learn how to shift from your present way of thinking to reach & master your perfect day!

What Seeds Have Been Planted in Your Field - Learn what elements are in your energy fields that are creating your present experience. Discover how to plant what you want to harvest & how to clear out the weeds from your life. Learn how others can affect your life in ways you can’t even imagine!

Group Imagery SessionsEach group will pick their topic such as:

  • Love The Body
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Family Compatibility
  • Anger Release
  • Lift Depression
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief
  • & More…

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