May 2024 Be Your Best Year EVER!


“I was really motivated by this class. I learned of visualization and its purpose in bringing into actualization one’s dreams and desires. In the past, I have been inspired by similar presentations and then lost the follow-through motivation when I returned to life’s demands. Debra and Tannie’s presentation made this come alive as a living and breathing process that is in continuous motion in an upward spiral of purpose and accomplishment. I felt empowered with knowledge that life does not have to be taken simply as it is dished out to us, but rather is a banquet of various experiences and we choose how we want to fill our plates. Action (Choice), Belief (Faith), and Focus (Visualization &Hope) are the basics of their workshop. I came away feeling excitement and determination to take control and move forward. I actually have a picture of where I am headed and it feels like I am, at last, the driver and not the passenger in my life.” – Marilyn S.

“I thoroughly enjoyed and was fascinated by the vision board class. I’ve been to many classes and seen many dream boards but this takes the cake!! It actually gave me goose bumps when it was explained how and why this method came to be and how it works. It makes total sense and I absolutely love it!! I am so excited about using this method!” – Naoma

“This is absolutely the best class I have ever attended. I was very motivated and I have now put my own vision board together. Since that class I have seen a huge improvement in my relationships and I now believe that our long awaited second child is on her way.” – Tricia S.

“This has got to be the wildest most inspired seminar I have been to. I am in awe of what I have discovered about myself and what my next steps are. This is way cool! I love you!” – Raland

“Thank You… Thank You… Thank you. This workshop is divinely inspired. It’s empowering!!” – Teresa

“This presentation really brought to light events and feelings in my life that I have struggled to understand, blocking elements in my relationships and why that is. It taught me how I can use my positive energy to bless my life and those around me. Thank you Tannie & Debra for helping me learn how to heal and achieve the desires of my heart!” – Alicia

“This was absolutely amazing! I love the new vision idea. I also love the detailed clarity to help know exactly what to put on the board for focus. So much great information: it’s hard to stop finding “loves”. Thank you so much Tannie and Debra for sharing your gifts.” – Michelle

“This is one of the best 3+ hours I have ever spent. The information mixed in with fun stories and great entertainment made the evening such a delightful surprise. I feel empowered and enlightened and motivated to create the world I want.” – Shelby

“WOW! This has truly been an amazing experience! I’ve been to several seminars/lectures on “Vision boards” and “Creating your life”, but your presentation is the most enlightening I have ever seen. There’s no denying that the ideas and concepts you have given us are inspired, and have come from a greater source. I can’t wait to get started and experience some of the “awe”, joy and amazement that the two of you have. Thank you so much for sharing your love, joy and inspired knowledge with us. You are truly on the road to making the world a better place for all of us.” – Celia

“I absolutely loved everything about The Oneness Center’s workshop. I have worked with Tannie through sessions and it all came together at the workshop. Our thoughts have such a big influence in our lives. I realized this week I have been complaining that my kids don’t listen to me and tonight I realized it was my energy and thoughts that were causing them to not listen! I’m so excited to start changing my thinking and seeing the positive changes. Thank you SO MUCH Tannie and Debra!” – Amy

“Such a fantastic evening, the time flew and I felt totally energized. So many lessons learned – I am excited to put into practice the things I have learned to help my clients as well. I love the ideas!” – Whitney

“I have learned about this stuff in the past but the way Tannie and Debra put this class together is amazing. I was able to see what I have been creating in my life and how to create what I want. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you.” – Salina

“Simple, power-packed session of life-changing lessons. Full of energy and action! Working in oneness with our creator, to become creators ourselves. What a blessing this event was to me, and to my family! Thank you!” – Louisa

“Very insightful – it makes total sense. I am SO going to implement this and change my world.” – B. Briggs

“I am so excited to create with clarity. I can see how this can really help my children, my business and me!!! I have been restless for answers. I will become a powerful creator… and inspirer. Thanks so much!” – A. L.

“I want you to know that your visit to Idaho was a gift from God. You have no idea how much you touched my life. Doors have opened, inspiration has come, my spirit has been awakened. I’m sharing your information with everyone around me. I was able to let go of a burden I’ve held for many years, I am healing. A visit to Snowflake Arizona is on my bucket list. Thank you for blessing my life. Bless you!” – Kimberly T.

"Debra and Tannie - ladies, the impact you have had in my life is severe! I do not want to think of how wretched I would be had our paths never crossed.  You have exemplified gratitude in all cases and look always for the lesson and the gift in any situation, without judgement or contrition.  Joy is your watchword, even in the face of abject sorrow and profound heartache.  I will live in gratitude and praise for my excess, and ask for understanding while looking for the lessons as my circumstances change. My life is joyful, and I will learn to recognize that joy, following your examples." – Carson Saline