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How We Get Our Core Programming

How We Get Our Core Programming

How We Get Our Core Programming

The day you were born was a very special day. It was an important day for everyone.

Your mother of course was there, along with other significant people anxiously awaiting your arrival. As the anticipation of your birth moment arrived, there was much excitement in the air. For some it was just another birth, but for you, it was the most significant moment of your life up to that point.

When the birthing process began, the little bundle of perfection inside the mother’s womb was awaiting the event. This indeed was something you had never experienced before and something you would never experience again. We are only given one birth experience so the importance of this moment is significant.

You probably have never considered looking at birth in this way. We usually look at the birthing process from the mother's, father's or even the doctor’s point of view, but few have given thought as to what it was like for the infant.

The purpose and intent of this writing is to focus on the significance of the birthing process from the perspective of the infant. Typically we believe because of the infant’s limited capacity to communicate, and his or her underdeveloped brain, that there is not much going on. But what I am about to share may change your perceptions. This information certainly changed the direction of my life.

From the moment of conception to the moment of birth and beyond, the infant is very much alive and active in his or her environment. The infant has the ability to perceive and feel absolutely everything the mother, father and family are experiencing. The infant at this point is actually making conclusions about life itself.

This is important because these conclusions, formed in the infant's mind, are the very programs that make up the life experiences of that individual. For instance if the infant perceives at the time of conception (or beyond) that he or she is unwanted and a burden, then these beliefs actually create to a great extent the life experiences of that individual. If the infant perceives he or she is welcomed and a wonderful surprise, then these perceptions affect the individual as well.

All conclusions formed by the infant become the infant’s core programming and life script.

These early beliefs are cemented in the infant’s life script, and create future experiences based upon these perceptions. These are the programs that the infant’s brain runs on for the rest of his or her life or until the individual becomes aware of this and decides it is time for a new script.

You can have a new script anytime you are ready. Usually it is not until we are doing a face plant in the pavement of life that we are awakened to the fact that life is not fun. We then realize that we really need to make some major changes, because we are not going to survive many more of these painful experiences.

When you awaken to the fact that you can change your life, and that there is an easy way to reprogram your original programming, it is definitely a 'high five' moment. It usually takes some very painful experiences on our part, experiencing them not only once or twice, but multiple times before we awaken to the fact that we have done this enough and wonder how we are going to change. I personally tried to change direction many, many times without success before I became doggedly determined that I was going to find a way or bust.

I found the way! Which is what I intend to share with you in this series of writings. They can also be found in my book, Journey to Joy, A Course About Living and Being in Joy.

This work is ALL about changing our life’s programming. There is much to our programming or life’s script that gets in the way of our success. It is not only what we perceived, but what our parents and others close around us perceived and felt during our birth and early childhood experience.

In the process of assisting my clients change their core programming, I have run into many very interesting programs. All were very interesting, unique and very significant to that individual. Once these programs are set in as core beliefs, they are then played out throughout the individual’s life and supported by the ego to keep them active and in place. You see, the brain doesn’t care what is put into it. It is like our computer. It makes no judgment of whether or not this will work. The mind will simply play out the program and keep playing out the program until you (the programmer), decide it's time for a change.

The only way to make a permanent life change is to change your core programming, change your subconscious beliefs about life, and change those shock moments that we talked about last week in the Article, The Creation of a Masterpiece.

If you have ever tried to change just by thinking you wanted to, and you have come up with a really great plan and pulled up a ton of willpower, most likely you discovered that willpower is not enough. Willpower is not what it takes to change your core programming.

Perhaps at those times you heard your friends or family comment, “All you need is to try a little harder, and you can do it!” So then you surmise, “Well I guess something is wrong with me because I thought I was trying. I have tried many different things over the years and still I have not found success. Something must be really wrong. I must really be weak and lacking because I just can’t do this.” Then because of the number of failed attempts, you add a new negative load to your already full core programming bank account.

When is enough, enough? Aren’t you tired of trying to change your life without getting the success you feel you deserve? If all it took was trying a little harder, believe me, you would have changed your life successfully years and years ago. Willpower is not the key, changing your core programming is.

Most of our core programming was set during the very beginning of our life’s experience. These are the patterns that keep knocking you on your fanny; these are the thorns in your side, your road blocks. This is what you want to look at and change in order to get the lasting transformation you really desire.

How do you rewrite your core script?

How can you once and for all get rid of those stumbling blocks that are keeping you from the relationships, success, love and happiness that you deserve?

That is what this series of articles, and my Journey to Joy course is all about, it about teaching you how to change these programs, and how to get into that part of your brain that holds these programs. Then after you reprogram your brain, I want to teach you from our Making Your Visions Come Alive Becoming a Master Creator program how to successfully move forward and begin to live the life you have always wanted, but have been unable to achieve up until this point.

Change can be an elegant and gentle process. You no longer need to beat yourself up for not having the strength to make the changes that you have longed to make. It does not require strength, nor does it require willpower. All it requires is a little bit of knowledge, a few new (yet ever-so-simple) skills and a continued desire to keep at it until you have arrived at the place in life you have longed to be.

The greatest part about this work, is that when you begin using these simple techniques, you will feel they are familiar and that you have done them before.

Once you begin the process of change and begin to see how significantly you can affect change in your own life and actually see, feel, and experience these changes; then you will be in a great position to spread the good news that change is easy and life can actually be fun.

A word of caution though; change does take time, so please, please be good to yourself. This is not the time or the place to beat yourself up for not doing it. That’s the old you and there is no place in this program for self-abuse. This program is about loving yourself and taking care of one of God’s greatest miracles, You.


When you begin this program of change, there will be times that you will feel discouraged and like you are not doing it right, or making the changes that you want to make. You will question yourself and your ability to change. The reason I am sharing this with you now is to warn you that “these” are the very programs we are trying to change. Once you start to go into this type of thinking, be forewarned that this is what we will be looking for. This type of stinky thinking is what we want to change. We want to change any thought or pre-recorded message that creates within you, feelings that are in opposition to joy.

Joy is our goal. When you are playing out programs that are keeping you from this goal, it will feel really bad. When you are feeling this way, then it is time to stop and question what is going on. In the past we would just plunge into the negative life experiences and feelings. But no longer! Now we are going to stop at each one and change them so we can get to where we want to be.

As mentioned before, this will take time but that is okay, you won’t mind because you will feel the change. You will know that what you are now doing is really making a difference. You will have the strength to move forward because you will be reinforced by the changes you experience. You’ll say, “Finally, this time I’m making it, I am really, really changing.”

Take it from me, experiencing lasting change gets really exciting. So are you ready to make some very significant, easy changes in your life? Are you ready to learn how to reprogram your brain computer and get to where you want to go? Are you ready to stop seeking answers, and really get them yourself? Well if you are, then you are in the right place. Now you are really on your Journey to Joy!

For those of you that are anxious and want to “eat the whole enchilada” so to speak you can get this information from my book. Journey to Joy a Course About Living and Being in Joy found on our website.  May you all have a great week and we will connect with you soon.

Love & Light,

Tannie Bennett 

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