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Just BREATHE ... The Healing Benefits of Deep Breathing

Just BREATHE ... The Healing Benefits of Deep Breathing

Intentional Breath Work is a simple practice, yet it can have a very significant effect on your life, especially when you become aware of its healing benefits.

Through focused intentional breath work you can experience all that life has to offer. When we withhold breath, we are withholding life.

When we are not breathing properly, there are significant biological effects to the body. The first and most obvious is the oxygen content of the body will decline. If you have ever felt this, you will know that this is not a very pleasant sensation. I have experienced decreased oxygen in my body and know what this can do - it causes pain. In fact it was my need for increased oxygen that inspired my numerous prayers to the heavens above for help. I did not know at the time that I was experiencing oxygen deprivation, and became confused when in answer to my prayer the Spirit told me I needed more oxygen. I pondered, “Well what do you do to get more? I breathe everyday.”

Soon after this instruction from the Spirit, I began my journey of increasing the oxygen content in my body. I personally began with an oxygen condensing machine which forced the oxygen through a little tube into my nose. Believe me, there are other ways. But being very limited in my understanding of what the Spirit was instructing me to do, that was where I began. As I continued moving forward, I began to learn just what my body needed. It was not just the need for oxygen, but it was the need for deep, focused breathing. Deep focused breathing not only helped my body’s oxygen level increase, but it also began to strengthen my lungs and my heart muscles. The oxygen machine failed to do that. I did feel the effects of the forced oxygen in my body, for which I was truly grateful, but the effects of deep focused intentional breathing gave me more than I realized at the time.

I began intentional breath work because the Spirit told me I needed it. This was an answer to my prayers for help. At first my breathing exercises consisted of simply deep breathing each time I did a session with a client. When I began to breathe with my clients I noticed a strange phenomenon occur each time. As I began to breathe with them, modeling the process, I knew instinctively where stagnant energy resided in their bodies. I would draw their attention to certain parts of their body to breathe out the negative energy. When they got to it, I could feel the energy lift, and then we would go on to the next area. It was interesting to be aware of their stagnant energy and together have the ability to move it with breath work.

When working with clients it was my personal intention each session to be a clear and pure vessel for the Spirit to work through. In doing so, I would open myself up to feel their energy blocks. As I continued to breathe out the blocks with my clients I learned about energy getting stuck in our bodies. When energy gets stuck in our bodies it causes pain. These areas were where they were holding the results of their personal issues. As we would breathe into these blocks of energy, and with intention breathe out the stagnant energy, it would lift. They could feel this as well.

Each personal session we began by focusing on a particular area of the body. We would then breathe into that area and with intention breathe out the pain or the discomfort felt. We were pretty amazed at the results. When we got past the pain and the trapped energy lifted, we were then able to easily go inside and get to the real core of the problem. It seemed, however, that we needed to first take off these layers of trapped energy to receive the change we really wanted. It was like peeling an onion and the thick outer peel was the trapped energy that lifted with their breath. This not only allowed us to go to deeper levels of consciousness, but it also prepared the way for the release of the heavier energies in the body.

I believe what we were actually doing was training the body through breath work to release trapped trauma and trapped energy. This was a very easy and natural way to release the stress they were feeling, and this was a technique that they could duplicate at home without much effort or thought. In fact I would often hear my clients as they came in for their next sessions tell me about their experiences of getting through a crisis by breathing through it.

One particular day while attending a public meeting, I noticed a woman off to the side of the group - she was in the middle of a major anxiety attack. She knew of me and the work I was involved in, so I offered my assistance. She agreed by a simple nod of her head which was all she could do at the time. I then asked her to focus on my eyes and breathe with me while I coached and calmed her with my voice. She was out of her crisis in a matter of minutes. Her family was amazed because of her history. They had never experienced seeing her come through an anxiety attack so quickly. We received these wonderful results with intention, breath work, and focus.

I have been involved with breath work for many years now and have used it in absolutely every session with amazing results. It was wonderful to learn that something so simple, something we do everyday, could have such a powerful effect on one’s life.

Breath work is like a fragrant summer breeze flowing into your life; it helps make life more pleasant and peaceful. The benefits of breath work can be felt and experienced immediately. You don’t have to wait for a session with me - you can start improving your health and the quality of your life with your very next breath!

Breath work is simple, yet in its simplicity there is great power, power to completely change your life if you give it a significant try.

There is a considerable amount of scientific research and information written about the significance of breath work and there are many great books that teach different breathing techniques. This secret has been around for centuries. Our biggest problem is that it is a secret. 

This simple technique is very powerful and can effect change very quickly. I am surprised so few practice it. I believe this should be an exercise taught in the schools and in our homes. I am grateful to have been taught about the importance of this simple process because it has significantly changed my life, my family and the lives of my clients and course members. 

One day while driving the kids to school, I discovered another treasure in the Cracker Jack box of, “The Benefits of Breath Work.” That particular day I was taking a neighbors child to school. That morning she had a bit of trouble at home, so when she got in my car, her face was red and puffy from crying. I began to deep breathe with her simply to calm her down. By the time we arrived at school, a quick five minute drive, she looked great. Her face and skin tones were back to normal. The discovered treasure was that deep breathing can get rid of cry face.

The first time I presented my Journey to Joy course, one of the course members took the deep breathing challenge. She chose to deep breathe every day ten to twenty minutes. When she came in for her clearing sessions, her energy field was always clear and light. Focusing on her energy was like stepping into sunshine. Because of her personal focused deep breathing it enabled us to get right to work on her core intention. As a result of her efforts, the changes she experienced in her personal life were very significant.

I too have experienced significant changes; I no longer need to use oxygen at night. My lungs have begun to heal and I sleep very well. As long as I remember to deep breathe, I feel rested and refreshed in the morning.

For those of you in chronic pain, breathing exercises is a “can do” on your list of lifestyle changes. It is simple. It requires no expensive equipment and the benefits will be felt immediately, which is a major plus for the chronically ill. It is very difficult to live moment by moment in pain; those of you who do are true champions of endurance. Isn’t it great to know help can come in your next ten breaths? Go for it, give it a try.

The changes are subtle at first, maybe just a slight feeling of being more awake and alive. As your practice of deep breathing continues, the benefits will be felt in your overall feelings of well-being. If you are faithful, deep breathing daily, then one day forget, you will begin to drag. It will then dawn on you, “Oh, I forgot to deep breathe.” It won’t take many forgotten episodes after a faithful thirty to ninety days of deep breathing to be sold on its benefits for life. It will become as common to you as waking up each day. But the only way for you to really know this is true, is for you to give it a try. What can you loose, except maybe a few pounds as a side effect of deep breathing.  Go for it! Change your life by doing something you do everyday, only today it will be a little deeper and with a strong focused intention. 

I invite each of you to join me on this wonderful journey called life by taking it in fully with each and every breath.  Breathe in life, take it in fully and completely, you will be so glad you did.  

For more information on deep breathing and the benefits this can make on your life feel free to contact me or simply try it and share your amazing results in the comments below. 

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