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Understanding Fear

Understanding Fear

“What is the truth behind fear?” was the question my client asked me during our session. Wow, that is quite a question, I thought to myself, then in response I said, “Let’s go find out.”

I always turn to God (who is the greatest source of light and truth) for the answers. So I asked her question in my mind to Him. He then taught us, “The purpose for coming here (meaning to Earth) is to gain knowledge, which brings joy, and fear is simply the lack of knowledge." Fear is the feeling behind the unknown. Fear is the feeling that accompanies the lack of understanding. Fear shows you the unknown which seeks to be known. When you have fear, there is lack of knowledge. In everything you fear there is an element of the unknown. For instance, when you feared monsters when you were little – there was the element of the unknown. When we fear that someone is standing in the dark, there is the element of unknown. When you fear and think, “Will I ever heal?” there are elements of unknown. “Will I be able to start this business and make a success of it?” there are elements unknown to you. So fear is the emotion that goes with the lack of knowledge, light and truth. Joy is the feeling that comes with gaining knowledge, light and truth.

Then my client asked me, “So what is the best way to make fear my friend?”  I marveled at her question and her wisdom.  Again I went to God for the answer. He said, “You gain the knowledge she came to teach you.”

Then she asked me, “So what is the best question to ask God when I feel fear?” I heard in response to her question, "You are to ask, 'What are the unknown elements here and what knowledge am I seeking so that I can remove myself from this fear?'”

Our whole life is an adventure in gaining knowledge. Life is about growth and progression. Think about it - the only thing you can take back to our God in Heaven when you die is your knowledge. So gaining knowledge about life, about your purpose, about all that you want to know, is the most important thing we can do for ourselves in this life and will certainly help us move forward into joy.

The greatest knowledge you can gain in this life is a knowledge of who you really are and why you are here.

It is our passion, prayer and purpose to help you make the unknown become known.

Life is meant to be glorious and abundant so today, right now if you will, stop for a moment and think, "What do I really want to know about my life?" Then if you feel we can help you through our services give us a call.

Let us all spread the joy. Share what you know with those you love.

Love and Light,
Tannie Bennett

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  • Tannie Bennett
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  • Lana  Pearce
    Lana Pearce

    When I have finally learned the tool of Facing my Fears, I love how my body and mind can finally breath and I look at my life situations with more confidence instead of fear.

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