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The Intent and Purpose of Negative Emotion

The Intent and Purpose of Negative Emotion
The Intent and Purpose of Negative Emotion
Feeling Your Misconceptions Rise to the Surface


Do you have people in your life that push your buttons? Or situations and events that trigger you into exaggerated negative emotion? Do you know why this happens or what to do when it happens?

All matter in its finest element is energy. When you feel any emotion, you are feeling energy in motion. We have experienced many emotions in our life, some positive, some negative. We prefer the positive, but it is important to understand both have purpose and both are important.

When one feels negative emotion it causes movement of some kind. The intent and purpose of all negative emotions is to produce change, to promote growth and to provide experience. We have had many years experiencing these negative emotions. Now it is time to learn from our negative experiences quickly, so we can move on and live our life in joy.

My intention in sharing this information is to teach how to use your negative emotions to quickly make movement, understand the lessons, then change the negative experience into a positive one and have joy.

As you experience this work, Journey to Joy, and Making Your Visions Come Alive, and as you go through life, there will be times you are triggered into negative feelings. If this occurs, it is good. You have just discovered a jackpot of negative energy. This is the very spot you will begin to learn the lesson the negative energy and experience can teach you.

Throughout our books, programs, classes and workshops, you will learn how to turn negative emotion and experiences into positive experiences, which will then facilitate your movement into joy. This is what living in joy is all about, using negative energy in a positive way. So if negative emotions are triggered and rise to the surface, it’s good, you are on your way.

Throughout our work you will be taught ways to move on and through it quickly. You will learn and change, learn and change, until the day arrives that you will be able to stay in a high joy vibrational state.

What is a trigger and why are we triggered?

When we are triggered (the equivalent of getting our buttons pushed) we experience exaggerated, strong negative emotions and feelings. It is caused from a present stimuli,  (a smell, a sound, an event, a song, a person, a word, an inflection of a words or a phrase) which is connected to a past cellular memory, usually a trauma of some kind which has been stored in your subconscious mind or DNA.

For Example: (The bold type is the trigger, the italic type is the stored subconscious belief or trauma.) 

When I became tired, I felt I had to keep going, always pushing myself to exhaustion because... when I was young, one evening we were working, I was very tired, I just wanted to go to bed but mom said, “You can’t stop until the job was done.” I believed her and tucked that belief away in my subconscious mind as a forever truth.

When I went for a drive in the woods I became panicked and fearful….because... it reminded me of the time I was abducted.

When anyone raised their voice I would want to run away…. because... it reminded me of my parents fighting and yelling when I was little.

All throughout my life I had to do everything myself, even though I really wanted help…because... when I was born I felt panicked and cut off, believing I was on my own.

When I would shop for meat it always made me queasy…because... when I was little I watched my father gut a deer and swore I would never eat anything that looked like that, it was yucky.

When my husband would leave to go anywhere on Sundays I would always get very mad, even if he was attending a church meeting…because... when I was little my mom used to take us all to church by herself while my dad went to visit another woman. My mom knew what he was doing and it made her so mad. So I learned dad leaves on Sunday, you get mad and I did.

When we are triggered and feel or observe a negative pattern, we usually only know the first half of the story (the bold type). We feel the strong negative emotion or irritating pattern, and the rest of the story (the italic type) is hidden from our view, lurking somewhere in our cellular memory, our heart, or our subconscious mind. When we can connect the two parts together, and get a new perception and picture, we experience resolution and change.

This is the object of our clearing techniques, imageries and sessions. Our intention is to connect the strong negative emotions, to your core subconscious belief. Once the core cellular memory is discovered and brought to the surface with the intention to resolve or release it, it will be so, thus enabling you to become the master of your thoughts and life.

These negative patterns and beliefs have purpose. They are there to cause movement and growth, and to provide experience in opposition. They also create within us the strength, knowledge and experience we need to maintain our positive creations or our dreams.

Once we have the experience in opposition, we are then able to move forward, bringing the misconception, negative perception and core beliefs into alignment with our positive mind change.

This positive life change can happen any time during our experience here upon the earth. The only thing required for change, is the desire to change and the ability to recognize the problem and know what to do about it. We can’t change any part of our life without first seeing the need. Most of us are all about changing everyone else first, because their patterns and behaviors are so easy to see and observe. What we don’t realize is the reason they are so easily recognized by us, is because these same energy offerings and patterns are resonating inside us as well. This is called the mirror effect.

You live in a reflective universe. The behaviors you see in others are to help you discover the misconceptions, fears and false beliefs inside of yourself.

Mirror effect example:

One day three neighbor children came over to play with my children. Normally these children are delightful and fun to have around, but this particular day they were really bugging me. I felt agitated and annoyed. Feeling this and having worked this process for some time, I separated myself to find answers and achieve resolution. I first began to question what was happening, "I was feeling these strong negative feelings because ... ?" I prayed for enlightenment. No sooner did I set the intention to discover the core of my discomfort, then a sweet knowing came to me. I had three whiney children (inner child trauma or misconceptions) inside of me that needed attention and resolution.

This knowledge brought great joy. My next step was to bring the experience into resolution and healing, and I did so with joy. It was wonderful. The next time the three children came over, I enjoyed their sweet presence and did not have to experience the previous negative agitation. 

Our disharmonies and core cellular memories are like a sliver in our soul. They often surface trying to get our attention. What we don’t understand is that this discomfort is a message of desired resolution and healing.

So what do we typically do?

We often push the sliver back in thinking that somehow this is a part of us and it belongs deep inside. It doesn’t belong inside. It was there to give you experience in opposition, causing discomfort and growth, but it can be plucked out anytime you are ready. Remember the original intention of opposition or resistance is to give you experience. Once you have had the experience, you can at any time pull the sliver out. Even your physical body patterns this for you by systematically pushing a sliver to the surface to be removed. This is the same technique or process our inner intelligence uses to help us cleanse our inner vessel from foreign matter.

Our Divine higher self vibrates at a high Spirit frequency, and anything that is of a lower frequency is foreign to our Divine nature and will be pushed to the surface seeking resolution and healing. Once we release the negative matter we are then able to move into a place of peace, harmony, and balance. We are Divinely programmed to have all impurities and lower vibrational matter, pushed to the surface in an effort to get our attention and to create resolution and healing. If we have the understanding and knowledge of the purpose and intention of negative emotion, we will choose to pull the sliver out.

Because this information has never been presented quite like this, most of us have spent our days medicating ourselves and pushing all the garbage back in, never realizing how great it feels to get it out and let it go. You know how relieved you are to get an annoying sliver out of your skin. Imagine how great it would feel to get a giant belief that you are worthless, alone and not good enough removed. From experience I can tell you, or you can ask any of my clients that, letting go of negative core beliefs and patterns is a GREAT EXPERIENCE, and one that truly brings JOY.

The hardest thing for most beginning clients is separating themselves from their experiences. Once they catch a glimpse of what is in there, they feel shame for having it in there in the first place. This pattern of thinking does not serve us. We are here to gain experience in opposition and to use our gift of agency to move through it.

Jesus Christ passed through opposition, He passed through severe opposition, but you don’t look at Him as being anything less than who He is, The Son of God.

You too are a child of God and you are here to experience opposition, but your experience does not define your true Divine nature. Let the cup pass, don’t hold on to it. Go through the opposition, don’t get stuck in it and then allow your experience to define who you are. You are so much more than your core negative experiences and false beliefs. But it is by going through these experiences, that you will discover, that you are indeed so much more. By going through them, you will realize how amazing you are, how strong you are and in truth that you are right on course and you are becoming, by your experiences, the great person you wanted to become.

What to do with the disharmonies and misconceptions once you discover them?

Once you discover these misconceptions, negative beliefs and patterns, what are we to do with them? We are to let them go, which is exactly what my Journey to Joy and our Making Your Visions Come Alive course teaches you. This is really why you are here, to learn what to do, and how to move through negative emotion and trauma so that you may feel and experience joy. Each and every process taught in our work will assist you in moving through these patterns so that you may experience a joy-filled, happy life and make your visions come alive.

It is easier than you think. Join us on this great journey of becoming all you are meant to be.  Learn to let go of the past and experience the life of your dreams.

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  • Tannie Bennett
Comments 6
  • Alex

    Loved this! It really puts life into a bite-sized perspective.

  • Lois Waterman
    Lois Waterman

    Thanks for the reminders Tannie. I love your work and your insights. I use your techniques often.


    Everything I felt as I read this was positive but I can’t talk about it in an open forum. Too personal. Very insightful and I will read this again and again because I have so many triggers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    Everything I felt as I read this was positive but I can’t talk about it in an open forum. Too personal. Very insightful and I will read this again and again because I have so many triggers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Lita

    Great information however I felt it was a little too lengthy. I think it would be easier to take in smaller doses

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S

    Very enlightening. I loved learning that our negative experiences don’t define who we are and we can always become better than we were before. Great article 😁

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