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Letting Go of the Past

Letting Go of the Past

Don't Let the Piles of the Past Clutter Up Your Life Today.

Clearing work, or emotional healing as it is sometimes called, is a very essential part of our physical experience if we want to live a joy-filled happy life. In all forms of emotional healing work, the goal is to go into the heart (or subconscious mind, which I believe to be the same) where all our mis-information is stored. When the heart is open, the goal is to discover false beliefs, clear them out and let them go.

We hold many false beliefs and erroneous perceptions within our heart/subconscious mind that no longer serve us. They were put there in our early beginnings as formed mis-thoughts or inherited negative DNA patterns and programs. You not only look like your family line, but you think and act like them as well. Once these negative limiting beliefs are formed and imprinted in the subconscious mind, they remain there causing us stress, depression, anxiety, and pain, until we become aware of them, and choose to let them go. 

When these family patterns surface, they can often cause you to feel like you are living your own version of the movie Groundhog Day. We find ourselves doing the same things over and over again and we don't know why.

Once you begin to understand this wonderful divine process of clearing out (purifying the heart and mind) it can be a very easy, natural, everyday event.

You have been on planet earth for many years now and you have a lot of “stuff” stored in your heart which is causing you stress, grief and even physical pain. Think about the home you live in. Do you have stuff stored in your closet, garage, or on your shelves that you no longer need or value? Most of us do.

I remember moving around a lot early in my marriage; I didn't mind moving because it gave me a chance to clean house. I was able to let go of so much "stuff" because of the move. Our emotional house is just like our physical house - it needs to be cleaned on a daily basis.

This is what clearing work is intended to do. When we move into new and different phases in our life or choose new life goals, it is like moving your residence. It creates big change, things start to get in motion and stuff rises to the surface to get our attention. Once your emotional "stuff" rises to the surface, all we have to do is look at it, process it and let it go. If you don't take the time to clean your internal house then you'll just keep tripping over your childhood, parent's and ancestor's stuff. This can be very time consuming and very painful. 

Take the time now to clean both houses. Let us learn to let go on both levels. Your physical house is a representative or the mirror of your emotional house. You can use the piles of stuff in your physical house to show you what you are holding onto, on an emotional or DNA level.

For instance ...

I did a clearing session on a client that had several junk piles in her home that would never stay clean. She wanted to know why these particular places collected junk, and what was in the way of her changing this. It drove her crazy. So I simply took her into her subconscious mind where all our answers lie and asked her what these messy piles represented. When she gained the understanding of what these piles represented in her personal life, we were able to clear the energy (clear the memory that was held inside) and then she was able to enter into a place of peace. After the session she had a wonderful feeling of peace. She felt that everything was going to work out and she would be able to keep these areas of her home clean. When she returned home she later told me that she felt so good because of the house cleaning session, she half expected to walk into a perfectly clean house. Then came the magic: when she cleaned off those areas, they were able to stay clean and those collection places in her home no longer presented a problem for her. It was amazing!  

I have had many such sessions over the years, which is a reminder that our outer world is a mirror to our inner world. In fact, just the other day I felt it was time to deep clean my house again. I have plenty of stuff that I no longer use and I want the energy in my home to be fresh and alive. As I pondered this goal, I thought, "Okay, where do I begin?" My mind instantly went to the front room coat closet which is packed full of stuff. I thought of a box on the top shelf filled with winter gloves, hats and scarves of all sizes. I asked myself, "Why am I holding on to that box? It snows maybe twice a year here and when the kids and grandkids play in the snow they already have their own warm clothing. I don't need all these extras." I thought about my question again and realized I honestly didn't know why I was holding on to that box. I know from past experience that when I dig deeper I always get more understanding and I always come up with a treasure of knowledge. So I asked God for help.  

"Heavenly Father, why am I holding on to that box of stuff? I really want to know. I hardly ever use it, not even when my kids were little. So why am I holding on to it?" Oh my gosh! I was so stunned at the answer I received. After I asked God the question, into my mind came the memory of an ancestor three or four generations back. It was literally 100 years before I was born. My great, great, great grandmother was a young pioneer from England who was immigrating to the United States and intended to move west with the Church of Jesus Christ pioneers; she was traveling with the Willie Martin Handcart Companies. This particular company left late in the season and were caught in a terrible winter storm. They all nearly froze and starved to death. My grandmother was lucky enough to survive the journey. When she arrived at her destination she had a dream, she had a wish which was to have a box of extra gloves, hats and scarves if anyone ever needed them. She always wanted to have them on hand, so no one would ever have to suffer as she did. In that moment I was stunned. To think I have held onto a box of gloves, hats, and scarves for nearly thirty five years of my life, in fulfillment of my grandmother's dream. Wow! This surely gave me new in-depth understanding and appreciation of internal DNA clearing work and the significance of trauma imprinting our DNA. That experience was so traumatic and difficult for my great, great, great grandmother, it left her feeling passionate to never experience that again, and to always be prepared. Wow oh wow, DNA imprinting is real. 

After my stunned moment I thought to myself, "Well Grandma, I got your box for you, now can I let it go? I live in Arizona, not the snow-packed rocky mountains."   

Now I am excited to really clean house, and let not only my box of gloves, hats, and scarves go, but all the other memories my physical house represents and stores. Life just keeps getting better!

Gang, I am cleaning house. Want to join me? I offer wonderful new personal clearing sessions that are tailored for your own unique and personal needs. Simply call The Oneness Center today (928) 321-8288 and book your house cleaning clearing sessions. They are fun, informative, and totally life-changing. 

Our outer world represents our inner world. If you want to feel better, let go and live in joy, please join me on this marvelous journey. I have written many details about the art of letting go in my book Journey to Joy a Course about Living and Being in Joy. 

Don't let the piles of the past clutter up your life today. Learn to let go.

*Phone sessions with Tannie are available.

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