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Initiate the Change Sequence Now ~ Coming Into a Place of Peace

Initiate the Change Sequence Now ~ Coming Into a Place of Peace


Life is filled with mystery. Do you understand why you think the way you do, or why you respond to people and events the way you do?

For a significant portion of our life we have the tendency to blame others for our pain and misfortune. But eventually the magic day arrives when we realize the only person we really have any say or control over is ourselves, so if we don’t want to feel the heat and the pain anymore, we must remove ourselves from the fire.

We try removing ourselves from the fire and pain we feel in many ways; we get a divorce, we quit our jobs, we move out of the neighborhood, we leave our families, and we enter new relationships, always with the hope that this “big change” is what we need to reach our desired goals of peace, joy and happiness. When we make these significant changes, life seems to get better at first because we have interrupted our patterns, but when we become comfortable in our new surroundings the familiar begins to creep in. We again begin to develop the same problems we experienced before only this time there is a new twist on them, but in truth it’s the same. Totally frustrated we cry out, “Why can’t I do this? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I make the changes I really want to make? Why can’t I just be at peace? Why doesn’t life work for me? I see others happy, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I make it to that “happy place?” Am I destined to live my life in misery and pain? What did I ever do wrong? Why do bad things always happen to me?”

You have heard the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Well in truth bad things happen to bad people too, but if you are trying to be really good and bad things happen, it feels like God is slapping you in the face. “Why?” You wonder, and again ask the question, “What am I doing wrong?”

You aren’t really doing anything wrong. What you are doing is growing into the masterpiece you intended in the beginning. Everything that happens in your life happens for one reason. Whether you are good or bad all of our life’s events happen for one simple reason, which is to bring us growth.

We came into this realm to progress and to grow, which you are doing each and every day of your life. If we were to stop growing we would become unsatisfied, because within we are encoded to progress and move ever forward. The motivating force behind our growth is our opposition. It is our pain and all the little annoyances and problems we face daily which bring us the growth we need. This is the divine pattern of growth. If we did not have anything to overcome, we would stop growing and this is not what a great eternal being wants to do. You are on your way to greatness and you would be very unhappy if you stopped short of that goal. That’s what it means to be dammed, being stopped in your progression.

You will never stop, because deep within you have a divinely encoded program that keeps you moving forward to help you attain your full potential.

What is your full potential?

You are a child of God and your full potential is to become like your eternal parents.

You are a seedbed of greatness. I believe you know that.  

Haven't you felt at times a deep desire within to do something great and wonderful? Of course you have because this is your heritage, you were born for greatness. 

Perhaps you are wondering, “Can we all be great? Can everyone make it to the top? If someone is on top then someone has to be on the bottom. We can’t all be winners. That’s just not how life is.”

That is our limited way of seeing things, but God did not intend for some of his children to not make it, so others could look better and be more successful than the rest. That is simply not the way of God. Think of your own family, your own children. Do you only want one or two to be successful while not caring what happens to the rest of them? Certainly not! You want each one to make it to the top; you want each child to be who they are destined to be. Father in Heaven did not send any of us down here to fail or get stuck, he sent us here to complete our mission and move on and become like He is.

God said, “For behold, this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” Moses 1:39

If Gods work and glory is to bring you to his high and holy station, then don’t you think that would be included in your life’s plan, don’t you think it would really be what your life was all about? It certainly would. 

You don’t start your work of becoming great when you can get a handle on your life. You began that glorifying process the day you were born and you are actively involved in that process every day of your life. Don’t think because your life is hard that somehow you are doing something wrong.

Newsflash... everyday you are working and moving towards perfection, immortality and eternal life. This is part of your heritage as a child of God. Think about it. EVERYDAY you are at work. All of the aches, pains, mistakes, woes, troubles, drama, psychotic episodes, breakdowns, and your depression; they are all evidence of you happily at work becoming the masterpiece you intended to be in the beginning.

Perhaps you are wondering, “How can that be? How can I be working towards immortality and perfection when life is so awful, and all I want is for the ride to end and the pain to stop?”

Well if you are ready for the pain to stop, then you are ready for the joy to begin. You are ready to enter the second phase of your earth experience. The first phase is to experience opposition; the second phase is when we invite in peace.

We can have peace anytime we are ready for it, but it will take training and a bit of thought time to initiate the sequence which brings forth this experience.

How do you begin to bring forth peace? 

The first step is to recognize our misconceptions about life. When we realize we are right on course and we don’t really need to do anything but simply move forward from here; that offers us a great sigh of relief.

Once you understand how we are programmed with opposition, you can then do what it takes to change your programming. 

The process looks something like this:

Each day as you experience negative emotion, you stop and discover where it is coming from or why you are having this experience in your life. If you desire to change it, you do so right then and there. It is like keeping your physical house clean. Doing a little each day makes the work light. However, sometimes we still choose to do major spring cleaning projects and sometimes we need to call in professional help, but it is all good.

Some of our life’s opposition experiences can feel so big we will want help getting to it and through it, which is okay. I personally have had a lot of help with my internal cleaning and clearing needs. There were patterns so engrained in my DNA I needed the professionals to help get them out. Each time I did a “big project,” I was always grateful for the help. Whenever I had a big internal cleaning project to do, I always had someone with me. God knew I needed help and help arrived in perfect timing. This is the magic of this work. It is always perfect. All you have to do is simply trust your heart. 

When your heart leads, it will always lead you with the feeling of, “This is what I want and/or need to do.” If ever you were to resist your heart’s desires, then outside forces will show up to get your attention, to help get you to the place you need to be.

Once I received an invitation to a particular course in my field of study. I didn’t really want to go.  Yet when the universe provided three invitations to the same experience I thought, “Maybe I should take another look at this.” I was grateful I did. It was one of the biggest clearing experiences of my life.

The magic of changing your life begins with the key of desire.

When the desire to change is put in place, changes will naturally begin to transpire. People and events will occur in your life to get you to the place you desire most to go, and then in time you will obtain the desires of your heart.

I think one of my personal shortcomings was in the area of patience. Once I began this work, I wanted to complete it quickly. It felt so good to change when for so long I didn’t know how to do it. Once you begin the change process you are on a wonderful road of discovery.

The next step in the change process was an instruction I received from Spirit. I was told to ask more questions. That one stumped me. I was told to ask questions, yet I didn’t know what questions to ask.

Now I know that asking questions is a significant key to getting answers. I first asked to know the questions I was to ask. Then it all began to slowly sink in. Now I ask questions in prayer every day. I have a notebook handy to write down the things I want to know. There are many times during the day things will happen that I don’t understand and so I’ll jot my questions down in my little book. Then when I have the time to pray, I pull out my notebook and go over one question at a time. I pray my question prayers while I am on the computer; these are my journal entries, my online chat time with God. In this way, when the spirit answers, I have a record of the questions and the answers. I then have them to refer to later on when I ask the same question again. I have done this many times. I have needed to hear the same answer multiple times before I understood what I was being taught. Also when the Spirit speaks to your heart, sometimes it is so beautiful and you feel so loved you want to remember the experience. So if you are in a practice of recording your questions and answers, soon you will have your own sacred script or conversations with God.

In summary, the first step is having a desire to change, and trusting you are on your path. Whether you know it or not you will be lead to where you need to go. 

And then ask questions and record your questions and answers. You can learn a great deal about yourself, your friends, your family, your work, and your purpose as you connect to God and begin to trust the answers that come to you.

Remember any negative thought or experience can be changed. This is what it means to be a child of God. You have the power to alter your universe and your experience. You have the power to change the very fabric your life tapestry is composed of. In the past it was woven with threads of pain. Now and in the future it will be woven with threads of gold as you discover the mystery and majesty of being the divine child that you are.

You will never know of your greatness unless you have a desire to discover this part of yourself. You will never understand your life and the purpose of your life until you have a desire to ask questions with a true intent of having your questions answered.

You have the power to understand the greatest mysteries of life. You have the power to understand yourself and how and why you relate to the world the way you do. Begin to use this power by taking your first step on the road to change. Seize the moment now. There is no better time than the present, to receive the gift your personal life has to offer the world. Begin today to experience a mighty change of heart.

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