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How to Release Negative Emotion With Breath Work

How to Release Negative Emotion With Breath Work
A Simple Breath Release Clearing Process
Taking Good Care of Yourself with Breath Work:


If uncomfortable emotions surface during your daily routines, acknowledge them by recording them in an emotional journal with the intention of releasing them during your next clearing session. If you don’t have the time to do a clearing session, simply allow the emotions to surface with acceptance and love and release them with the simple process below.

  1. Acknowledge the negative emotions you are feeling.
  2. Set your intention to release these negative emotions with your breath.
  3. Focus on the negative emotion. Take a big breath in. As you inhale, imagine the breath wrapping itself around the negative feeling. Then as you exhale, imagine the negative emotion being carried out and released with your breath.
  4. Continue this process until you feel relief. As you are working this process, often new negative feelings will enter your mind as the original ones are released. Continue releasing until you are in a balanced state.
  5. If you have picked up on someone else’s negative emotion, set your intention to release and clear the negative emotion from your energy field and change the negative energy to pure light and return it to its source of origin with God's love behind it. 
  6. Once you have achieved a balanced state, imagine your body being filled with love, light and gratitude.
Changing the energy we are in, can be a simple process, if done with breath work, gratitude and love. 

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