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What Do You Do If You Know You Are a Sponge

What Do You Do If You Know You Are a Sponge

What Do You Do If You Know You Are a Sponge

and can't stay out of negative emotion?

Sometimes life just hits you in the face like a board, and while you are standing there, stunned by what just happened, you ask, "What is the Matter? Why can’t I get a handle on my life? Why does this keep happening to me? What is going on? What can I do to change because I just can’t keep this up, it is killing me!"

I think we all have been there, and though we have experienced that, the important thing now is, "What can I do about my unique and painful situation RIGHT NOW, because this is so hard and I am wearing out."

The other day a client of mine, Tony*, enters my office with his companion in tow. He introduces us with the intention of leaving her in my care, hoping that I could teach her tips and tools, and give her understanding as to what is going on in her life and why she feels the way she feels. Their united goal was to help her manage the significant amount of anxiety and stress she feels when Tony is stressed. This situation was creating considerable challenges to their wonderful new relationship.

While Tony stood in the doorway preparing to leave, I turned to his companion and asked, “Anna, can I ask you a very personal question?” While giving me the deer in the headlights look, and not knowing me at all, she responded sheepishly, "Well yes ... I guess."

I asked her, "When Tony walks by you, do you ever just pinch him in the behind?" Relieved and surprised by my question she laughs and answers, "Why yes, I do that all the time. Why?" I said, "Because as he walked by me just now, I had the inclination to pinch his behind and I knew that was not me. Tony smiled at her and said, "See, I think she can help you."

Why did I pick up on that particular feeling? 

Because it was in their energy field.

That is what you’re dealing with. Each of us is like a radio station that is broadcasting information out into the world. This broadcast is actual matter: it could be yours or it could be other's, but it can significantly affect your life.

So what do you do if you know you are a sponge and can't stay out of negative emotion? What do you do if you discover you are an empath or a highly sensitive person and can feel the feelings and even the pain of others as if it is your own? If it is energy, if it is matter, what do you do with The Matter? 

After years of personal research Debra Hale and I have discovered What the Matter is. We have discovered why you feel the way you feel, why you are not getting what you want, why your children behave the way they do, and what is in the way of your dreams and goals. And ... drum roll please ... we have discovered the "Fix-It" formulas! Now we want to share this wonderful information with the world because it totally and completely changed our lives and the lives of our clients and students.

Join us in this wonderful journey of discovery. Join our wonderful community so that you too can Make Your Visions Come Alive and become the Master you were meant to be.

*Names have been changed.

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