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Understanding Fear - Answering a Few Important Questions

Understanding Fear - Answering a Few Important Questions

Understanding Fear 

Answering a Few Important Questions 

I was talking to my sister awhile back about the subject of facing ones fears and letting go. She said, “You let go so easy it irritates me.”  I chuckled and asked “Why is that?”  She said in jest, “Oh I don’t know… I guess I think you should be miserable much longer than you are.”  

What do you think? Do we hold on to our fears for a long time believing that it’s normal? 

What are your beliefs about fear?

What are your beliefs about letting go?  

Learning to let go quickly is by far the best way to go. It feels so much better than holding on to the weight and pain of our fears and false beliefs. 

A client said to me once, “I don’t think I have any fear.” Then after a brief pause she added, “Oh maybe I do and I just don’t know what they are.”  

Is that possible, is it possible to not have any fears?  Is it possible to have fears and not know what they are?

What do you think?

  • Do we have hidden fears or anxiety? 
  • Do we have fears/anxiety that we don’t understand or know what they are? 
  • Where do our fears hide?
  • How do they manifest? 
  • Does everyone have fears/ anxiety?
  • Are all fears pre-programed?  
  • What are our most significant fears or common fears?
  • How do I discover my fears?
  • Is it important to discover my fears or should we just let a sleeping dog lie? 
  • What do you do when you feel yourself heading in the direction of fear?
  • What do I do if I have already fallen into fear?
  • I have discovered I have many fears. Will I ever be able to let them all go?
  • So just how do you let things go, are there other ways?
  • Is letting go really important?  

Great questions don’t you think? Let’s go a little deeper into the topic of fear. 

Understanding Fear

Many of us have beaten ourselves up for having fear and lacking faith, but in order to have faith, we must first experience fear. There is opposition in all things. 

Here is what fear looks like to me. 

We have a little seed, like a bean. 

Before this seed can grow it must break through this protective outer layer or shell. That outer layer or shell represents FEAR.  

It takes this little sprout some work to get through this shell. Just like a chicken breaking through the egg or the infant breaking through the birth canal. In order to have growth, we must break through our fears. There must be opposition in order to develop the strength and faith needed to survive. I believe fear is that opposition. 

We cannot become what we want to become without growth. Growth is progress, and it is our eternal divine nature to progress and become more. That tiny seed when put into the earth it is not satisfied with staying a seed, its nature is to expand, to become more and to fulfill the measure of its creation. We are like that tiny seed bursting forth to become ever so much more. 

 Fear is a part of life, it is part of the large range of feelings we experience on a daily basis. In our culture fear has come to be experienced as negative. However truth be known, fear is a feeling to be experience and we would all feel a lot better if we simply allowed ourselves to feel it fully. If we do not, we will have the symptoms of fear which are much more painful than simply allowing the feeling to be felt and then allowing it pass through.

Let's take a closer look at FEAR by Answering a Few Important Questions.

 Do we have hidden fears or anxiety? 

 All of your fears are hidden until you discover them or they are staring you in the face. The way you know you are in fear is the way you feel. Fear feels bad and that feeling can range in intensity from mild to severe.

Do we have fears/anxiety that we don’t understand or know what they are? 


 Of course you do. Most fears are discovered when you are in action or in the process of moving forward. Some fears are pre-programed from birth and early childhood. Parents can teach children to fear by their response to certain situations, like seeing a snake. The fear of snakes developed in childhood will not often surface on its own, one needs to be in the presence of a snake on some level to cause the fear to rise to the surface. Pay attention to your core when fear is present, you usually first feel it in your core.

Where do our fears hide?

Your pre-programed fears reside in your subconscious mind.  Any life event can trigger a subconscious fear response to the surface. 

 How do they manifest? 

 Fear manifests in the form of feelings. If you are in a place of “past feeling” which means you have had significant trauma or have experienced very low frequencies, it is easy to put yourself into a “past feeling or a non-feeling state.” You don’t want to feel at all because life feels so bad. If you are in this place, you will not feel the feelings of fear when it is awakened in the emotional body. So in order for your fears or the necessary movement of growth to occur to get your attention, the energy in motion the e-motion will move in deeper into the physical body and then you will feel a more intense feeling which will get your attention because it will manifest in the form of physical pain and then you can and will experience the growth you needed and wanted in your beginnings to become all that you were meant to be.

Does everyone have fears/anxiety?

 Yes everyone has fears it is part of the growth cycle, it is part of our human experience. Just because you don’t feel them now, doesn’t mean you don’t have them.

 Are all fears pre-programed?  

 You are programed for growth and fear is a part of that growth.

 What are our most significant fears or common fears?

Our most significant fear is the ones that will bring you the most growth. One of the most common fears is that of being controlled or losing control. We also fear that we are not good enough or that we are going to be alone and separated from our loved ones. 

We often feel we are not in control of our feelings but when you are angry and the phone rings and you can have an instant state shift to answer the phone. It is then that you become aware, you really are in control of your fears and your life. Although sometimes you don’t feel like you are in control because they surface so with so much power and punch. 

It is also very easy to project blame of your fears onto the person who triggered up the fear response but they often have little to do with each other, other than your fear vibrations are in harmony with the person that triggered the fear, meaning they have the same fear somewhere deep inside.

 How do I discover my fears?

There are several ways to discover your unknown or subconscious fears.

  • A Trigger: When triggered you will bring a past fear or experience into your present moment. This usually happens because of the presence of certain stimulus, perhaps a sight, sound, smell, or sequence of events. ( Sylvia in the woods)
  • Pray and ask God to show you your fears.
  • Begin something new, move forward into growth and change or begin to focus and dream of a new significant goal. When you do so your fears that are blocking that dream will surface.  You cannot have two opposing forces occupy the same space in your mind.

 Is it important to discover my fears, or should we just let a sleeping dog lie?  

Even a sleeping dog will growl at you if you disturb it. Your fears will eventually rise to the surface so it is really important to know they are in there, and then face them when they surface so you can let them go and won’t have to go through that experience again. Once you process your fears and triggers you are done with them unless you have more to learn. If there is more to learn from the experience, the pain and or fears will not pass so you will want to ask more questions to discover what is left for you to learn and discover. 

 What do you do when you feel yourself heading in the direction of fear?

When you fall into fear you will know you are there because of the feeling. You know very well what fear and the loss of hope feel like. The minute you find yourself in fear, close your eyes, visualize yourself in the light, perhaps with your angel team or simply just begin to pray. The following are two examples of prayers I often use. 

Heavenly Father, I am feeling fear or fearful now, please heal my heart of this of this fear to its core and restore me back to my divine, original blueprint of joy. I humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.” 

“Heavenly Father I am falling into fear right now and it is my intention to stay in the light with you.  Please heal my heart of the fear I am in and hold me in your arms I pray. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. ”  

Do you see how simple this can be? God will then rescue you from your fears, you will shift and feel safe and protected once again. You do not need to know why you were heading in that direction unless you want to know, you only need to not want to go there. Sometimes you may want the understanding that this situation can bring. If that is the case; you ask God in prayer for more understanding and more information and it will be given to you. Ask and it is given.

 What do I do if I have already fallen into fear?

 Once you have fallen into fear, it is literally like falling you are going to feel the pain. Therefore when you are feeling the pain (it can be either physical, mental  emotional or even spiritual) you then ask God in gratitude to heal the wounds of your experience. You can say the above clearing prayer or simply thank Him for healing your heart or subconscious fear. Thank Him for the quick recovery time that you were able to experience, and then rest until it begins to take effect in the physical body. Your healing time can be very quick.

 I have discovered I have many fears. Will I ever be able to let them all go?

Everything gets easier with practice, even letting go of our fears. I have had many fears stuffed in my subconscious mind. Now letting go is easy and even fun.  I love the shift I feel after I have discovered a fear or false belief and let it go. You can experience this same exhilarating feeling once you learn to face your fears and let them go. I have created an easy to use imagery called Letting Go that may assist you in letting go of your fears and false beliefs. Once you become familiar with it you can adjust it to your particular circumstances.

 So just how do you let things go, are there other ways?

 In order to let go of your fears you need to first know they exist, and then you can let them go. I let go using the following simple tools.

  • Imagery 
  • Energy Release Sessions with skilled practitioners and coaches. 
  • The Clearing Prayer found in my Journey to Joy Course or the ones written above. 
  • Change your thoughts and/or change your internal dialogue. Ask, "What is REALLY true?" 

 Is letting go really important?  

 Yes of course it is, letting go is symbolic of breaking through your fears and obtaining the growth you intended. Letting go feels so good. You can’t raise your vibration to a high joy state if you hold on to the lower frequencies of fear anxiety and doubt. We must let go of our fears if we plan on being exalted which by the way means to rise up on high. If we want to return to our Heavenly Home where the pure in heart dwell, we must purify our own hearts and clear them out of all fear, doubt and all the lower frequencies held within.

The following is an example of letting go and how it feels when one does. 

Imagine someone on stage. If they act shy and uncomfortable then we feel that same feeling because they have our focus. Now when you have someone on stage that is having a great time, then we have a great time too because they have our focus. Letting go feels so much better and is a lot more fun. When you let go and face your fears life can be really great not only for you but for everyone around you.

Everything gets easier with practice. Once you start  letting go of your fears and negative patterns and false beliefs you will want to keep going because letting go feels so good. I love the “fear acronym” F.E.A.R.  False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s a great reminder that our minds think the threat is real.

For more information on this subject check our our audio book Facing Fears and Letting Go.

 I hope you found this information helpful.  Feel free to leave your comments below.

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