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The Benefits of Keeping an Emotional Journal

The Benefits of Keeping an Emotional Journal

The Benefits of Keeping an Emotional Journal

Recording your negative thoughts and emotional feelings daily will give you important information as to some of the pre-recorded negative thoughts, patterns and perceptions you have running at a subconscious level. Often these are family patterns and are so familiar to us that we are unaware of them. Recording them consistently will give you personal insight and valuable information.

How to Change Your Life

You will not be able to change your life until you become very clear about what you want to change. If you have strong negative feelings surface on the way to your dreams and goals, begin your clearing or release process by first recording them in an emotional journal. These emotions are important keys to your core patterns. They will also be a record of your success.
I remember compiling the negative word phrase and patterns of my sisters, and myself from our sessions and the conversations I often had with them on the phone. The end product was a “family emotional script.” It was a remarkable experience for me because when I put them all together and read the script, it was as if I was rereading my childhood story, or at least the negative aspects of my childhood story.  I was surprised to see in the word phrases, that my whole family was represented; I heard my mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa. I could hear each of them in the words we spoke. This gave me very valuable information for my release and clearing work I was so actively involved in.

A Negative Emotional Script Example

Below is an example of a negative emotional journal or script written by a client and used with permission.
I'm SO sad ... so, so sad, want to cry.
Life sucks. What am I doing?
Can't make it, don't want to make it.
Hate my life, hate my job.
Can't get up to go to work, don't want to get up.
Don't want to go to work, or go to church, or grocery shopping.
Can't leave the house.
Want to stay in bed ALL day.
Don't want to leave the house, can't leave the house.
I made a mistake.
Can't get away, nowhere to go.
Can't go back, why can't I go back.
Depressed, angry, resentful.
Want to sleep, tired all the time.
Want peace, no peace.
Don't have a home, just want to go home, home is easy, home is fun.
GREAT discomfort, uncomfortable ALL the time.
No rest, no peace, tired, tired, tired.
Can't live like this, this isn't what I want. What am I doing? 
Longing, missing, can it get any worse? Can I get any more unhappy?
Miserable, miserable with my surroundings.
This whole existence is stupid, and this isn't what I want.
I don't want this life.
I want a fun life, I want a single life, married life sucks.
There's got to be something better, can't go on like this.
This writing exercise helped her prepare for her next clearing session with me, but the same exercise could be used to help prepare you for clearing session using tools such as imagery, breath-work or prayer.

How to Clear with Your Emotional Journal Script

Before you begin your clearing session, set your intention to clear all the negative emotional thoughts and patterns connected to your negative emotional script. Remember with faith, all things are possible.This is a wonderful project to do with a partner. It is often easier to see and hear the negative phrases of others than to hear our own. After your scripts are compiled you can help each other by taking each other on an imagery which will support and help you to let go of the pain of your past. You may use my simple imageries taught and introduced in my Journey to Joy Course as a template and example. Then once you become familiar with them you can change them to fit your unique needs and processing style. One of my personal favorites is the simple imagery called Letting Go.  I have had much success with that imagery and all the other imageries I have used in my sessions and courses, and so have my clients. 

Learn the Art of Letting Go

Letting go can be easy and so can changing your life once you have a few wonderful tried and true tools available. 
If I can help you discover some of these simple and amazing tools, contact me, I would love to support you on your personal path towards joy and success.

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