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And it Came to Pass

And it Came to Pass

What to do with pain, anxiety and stress - A new approach

We have had years of experience feeling negative emotion, yet few of us really know what we are to do with them. Because we have lacked this knowledge, we tend to do what those who have gone before us have done. We stuff them, push them away, and generally don’t deal with them, but it is by “dealing” with our negative emotion that our greatest purpose is discovered. Once we understand what the negative emotions and experiences are to teach us, we can move on and become more of who we are intended to be. It is going through these experiences that will give us the gift of our time here on earth. Allow me to share a personal experience which provided insight into my life and the principle of letting go.

My Journal, June 26

I have had a most interesting Sunday, one in which I have learned a great deal. My lesson began on my way to church. As I was walking through the doors I became very ill. I went straight into the bathroom. I felt my insides churn and jab, my head ached. I decided that I was just going to be with the pain, allow it, and breathe through it. In doing so I had a very interesting dream/vision about pain.

In my mind's eye, I saw my house, and pain came knocking at the door. He was very scary, dressed completely in black. I opened the door and let him in. He rushed into my house and I panicked. I shoved and locked him in a closet, because I did not know what to do with him. I left him there and went about my day's work, always knowing he was there. I kept him in the closet for a very long time. I could hear him pounding and beating around in the closet. He wanted out. He scared me so bad I didn’t dare let him out. I did not know what he wanted or why he had come, or what he would do if I let him out.

There were times life went relatively well because I had turned my focus to other areas and I forgot about him. But then there were times that I became very aware of him. Man he was really bugging me. I wanted him out, but I was afraid of him and what he would do.

I got tired of him and so one day I let him out. He merely went out the back door.

I then saw a different scenario.

I saw pain knocking at my door. I let him in, I was not afraid. He took his hand and touched my body going all the way around, just running his fingers around me as if I were a spindle. Then when the circle was complete he left out the back door as quickly as he had come in.  He had come to merely give me the experience of his presence. 

I realized then how because of fear, I had kept pain in my house, (my body) because I was too afraid of what he would do if I let him out.

His intention was to give me experience and to pass through. He never intended to stay. I was the one that kept him locked in my closet, fearful of his presence in my life.

Each time a new pain came to my door, I responded the same way until my house was full of pain and began to break down under the load. Years ago when my house could contain no more and I faced death, I turned to Heavenly Father and prayed, “Father I need help, I need a core change. I can’t manage all that is in my house. I am full of pain and I can’t move.”

Then in that instant the heavens responded. I saw in my mind's eye a group of angels roll up their sleeves and one announced to the others, “She is ready, let’s go.” I didn’t understand at the time why they were rolling up their sleeves. All I wanted was the pain to leave my life. Now as the years have passed, along with experience I have gained understanding. They were rolling up their sleeves because they were coming to help me clean my house. They were going to teach me how to let go of the pain. My house is cleaner now, and I am in joy.

Today as I write this I want you to know I am still working on my house; I had a lot of pain stuffed in there. I, through the process of time, became very creative in where I stored it. I suppose my heavenly crew could have taken care of it much quicker. In fact at one point I asked them why they didn’t. I was told that being the kind of person who likes to know how things work, I chose to go this way so I could learn just how it did work. If I would have had it in an instant, I would have been questioning, “Now how does that work, and why did you do that?” Father knowing me, took me this way so I could learn how to clean house Heaven's way. In truth this is really what I wanted to learn, how to heal my life and be free of pain, God’s way.

It has been a fruitful journey. Now when pain comes knocking at my door, and it still does at times, like today, I invite it in. I am not afraid of it anymore. I simply ask. “What is wanted? What is your purpose in coming? What am I to learn from this visit?” Quickly I get the answer, and quickly pain passes through, as it did today.

Now I can live each day feeling free and joyful. I no longer fear the lesson. Now pain is my gifted teacher and friend, and I am grateful for it’s presence in my life. 

If I had never experienced his presence, I would never have felt this kind of joy, because it was from pain passing through that I learned how to live and be in joy.

Tannie Bennett

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