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Changing Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts

Changing Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts

Changing Your Life By Changing Your Thoughts

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he" Proverbs 23:7

We are here on earth experiencing a type of schooling. We are here to experience opposition, the opposite of our heavenly home. We are here to gain a physical body, learn, grow, and progress. There are other reasons for being here, but today I would like to focus on one that might be new to you.

We are here to become a creator like our Father in Heaven. If we are truly children of God, then we too are creators. This is part of our natural inheritance and birthright.

We are creators, and this earthly life is our schooling in creation. We first become the creator of our world, or in other words, our life.

We are the creator of our life.

Try that on. How does that make you feel?

If someone would have suggested this to me several years ago I would have instantly rejected the thought. I would have thought, “Why, if I were the creator of my life, would I create my life to be a living hell, when all I have ever wanted was to live in peace? How did I do that and why would I do that? I did not create this painful life. In fact I have spent my entire life praying for peace and praying to be healed. Why would I do that to myself? No, that can’t be true.”

Years ago that would have been me. Now I have a new and different perspective. We are the creator of our life. When we become aware of this and clear out and let go of the patterns and behaviors we don’t like, when we clear our subconscious programs that are on auto-pilot, programs that are causing us grief, programs that are blocking our truth, and become responsible for them, then we are in a position to create something really powerful.

One significant reason we are here is to experience opposition, and that opposition begins the moment we come into existence. In fact it is the beginning of life that is so painful and difficult for us. Here we are this beautiful package of perfection; we have been developing and progressing in the spirit realm for a very long time, waiting for our turn. Finally it arrives, and then as we come to earth we are squeezed into a physical body that doesn’t do anything. Nothing works right; we have no control over anything. Can you imagine how difficult that might be? Talk about opposition. What a challenge!

I imagine coming to earth might be like visiting a foreign country for the first time. Have you ever had the experience of trying to communicate with someone who does not speak your language? It is a difficult experience when there are no common words between you except maybe, "hello" and "yes." But there is body language. Universally we all know how to smile, and this is communicated. We know how to cry, and this is communicated. We all know emotional language.

This difficult situation is where we are when we are infants. Being in a body was a new experience. We needed to learn how to operate it from scratch. We needed to learn how to get our needs known and met, and we needed to learn how to communicate all our desires. We also needed to learn how to use our voice. Through our first painful breath we instinctively learned how to cry, and that we could make noise, and so with this simple tool, we began our experience. For a very long time this was our only tool. We had little control over our body. Our arms would wave about, sometimes we would even hit ourselves in the face. Are you getting the picture of what a baby goes through? The beginning of life is pretty tough. Then to add to all of this original frustration, there are instances of abuse and neglect. Yes, being small is definitely experiencing opposition in its finest form.

Do you remember when you were small? All you wanted was to grow up. You always wanted to be bigger. You even pretended to be older hoping to somehow, at least for a short playtime, be in charge.

Throughout our entire childhood we wanted to be grown up. We would even go so far as stretching our age out to ten and a half, or ten and three quarters. Then when we got ever-so-close to eleven we would just say we were eleven. It wasn’t about being a kid; it was all about being big and grown up. Why? Because we believed when we grew up we could do what we wanted to do.

Well the day finally arrived, first eighteen and then twenty-one and we are off. But what happened? We grew up to get to do what we wanted to do, but something we didn’t consider or even think about before, occurred. We realized now that we are all grown up we are still not doing what we want to do. Why? We believed it was because if we wanted to eat, we needed that job. If we wanted to play, we needed money and time. If we wanted this, we needed that. Our life became really complicated, but we adjusted and kept moving forward.

The years passed and as we stopped to look back, we asked ourselves, “Why is life not working for me?”

When we finally stop, we begin to search for peace, joy, love, success and everything we have always wanted and have not been able to lay our hands on. For most of our life we have wanted to choose for ourselves, and to just be happy, but there has been something in the way of our happiness, always something.

What is in the way of our happiness?

When we were little it was because we were little and couldn’t communicate our needs or have our own way. Now that we are big, strangely the very thing that is in the way of our happiness is being little. Think about that.

What is in the way of happiness now?

What’s in the way of our happiness now is all the fractured parts of us, all our memories, misconceptions and family patterns. When you were small you experienced opposition, possibly even trauma, it could have been real or perceived, all you knew was, “this is not comfortable.” In fact it may have been very painful. At this time you wanted the discomfort and pain to stop. So what did you do? What happened then?

In that moment in time you actually did stop. You wanted the experience to stop because of how it felt, and so in an effort to stop the feeling, you stop breathing and then the situation or the memory was frozen in time. When you stopped breathing you were trying in the only way you knew to stop life itself. You figure if you stop breath, you could stop life, but it never worked. You kept living, the pain didn’t go away, it was still present.

So what did you do with the pain? You felt it; you wanted it to go away. It didn’t, so what did you do with it?

You instinctively stored it. (Refer to the post, And it Came to Pass for more understanding of how we store energy.) The energy of these painful experiences, the memories, were literally frozen in time. If the experience was extremely painful, you used your defense mechanisms to protect yourself from the pain. We became very creative in where we stored this information and pain. Some individuals who have experienced severe trauma develop alternative personalities to protect their core self. Some of us build up walls in order to protect ourselves from these feelings. We have many defense mechanisms within.

These defense mechanisms we so effectively used were intended to help us survive. Heavenly Father sent us down to our school of opposition with these mechanisms available for our use. The problem became magnified when our opposition became more than mere opposition and turned into painful abuse. This was not part of “The Plan,” but because we were agents unto ourselves, we had the power to choose our experience.

Our opposition began to increase as we grew further and further away from Heavenly Father’s original plan. That is the way of life. The further we are away from the source of the light, the greater the darkness, or the greater our opposition becomes. Sometimes, however, we experience great opposition because of the light level we want to achieve. We can learn significant life lessons in great opposition, but we will address that particular subject later on.

Through the course of time we were lead off the path, and led onto paths of darkness because we forgot about our internal guidance system, a magnificent system Heavenly Father placed within us. How could we forget something so significant as our internal guidance system? Well, if we were not taught by the previous generation about  this system, then we would be left on our own to figure it out. Amazingly many have figured it out, and have learned to “trust their instincts, their inner knowing,” and have done well in life. But many have forgotten how to use this amazing system.

We were able to survive our opposition and trauma because of our special defense mechanisms Heavenly Father placed within us. These systems, these mechanisms were only to be used in an emergency; they were not intended to be used daily. Because we have strayed from God’s teachings, and have forgotten love as our focus, we have experienced far more opposition than we really needed to complete the lessons we chose to experience.

We chose to come to earth to experience opposition, not abuse. But God, knowing man and his ability to stray, provided us support systems (defense mechanisms) to help us survive. And survive we have, but survival was not the intent of our existence. We needed to experience opposition, but not this extreme.

It is time to change and to get back on the path. We will always experience opposition as we travel through life, but we can experience it in joy. Opposition is not abuse and it was never God’s intention for it to ever be so.

What about the painful memories that are frozen in time, the memories that our defense mechanisms so skillfully protected us from and tucked away? What about these memories? They are still there, waiting to be completed, waiting to be resolved.

Anytime we think a thought or develop a belief that is not in line with our truth or divine purpose, the thought is frozen in time. Many of these thoughts and memories are still waiting for you to act upon them. They are as if you hold them in your script book, and it now becomes requisite that these thoughts must be acted upon. Once they surface and are acted upon, if the action is not in line with truth, the action will cause more opposition. When acted upon, if the thought is in line with truth, then the thought and the action will bring you a great amount of joy.

We think many, many thoughts and it is impossible to think of acting upon each and every one of them. But this action is not done in a way one might think. Your thoughts, as they come into your head, come in the form of vibration. What is actually frozen in time is the vibration of the thought. If the thoughts that enter your mind are of a high vibration, then these thoughts will cause you to feel great joy. If the thoughts are of a lower vibration they will cause you to feel a lower vibration feeling, like sad, down and depressed. In this way our thoughts are acted upon. We do not actually act out every thought that comes into our mind, but we do feel these thoughts as they register in us as vibrations. If we have had low frequency thoughts for a very long time, then these thoughts begin to act upon and affect our physical bodies.

All lower vibrational thoughts, memories or beliefs are in need of resolution.

What is resolution and how does this work?

Resolution is the act completing the thought process.

When we think a thought and it comes in at a very low vibration, this thought is frozen in us waiting for resolution. Resolution comes when we actually realize the thought is not in our best interest and then we use our agency to change the thought to a higher frequency thought. This thought resolution process must be done for everyone and for every frozen thought.

In the spiritual milieu, this resolution process is known as repentance. The repentance process is actually a process of changing our vibration from a lower vibration to a higher vibration. This occurs when the individual realizes that this experience or thought is not what they want and then use their agency to choose again. They then choose a higher vibrational thought, which is more in alignment with what they do want.

Once while reading the footnotes in the resource addition of the King James Version of the bible, I discovered something very interesting. The Greek interpretation of the word sin, is misconception or mis-thought, and the Greek interpretation of the word repentance is mind change. You are actually changing your mind or thoughts from a low vibration to a higher vibration. Once we participate in the mind changing process, our actions will then follow and we will be able to live, and be in joy.

Our internal guidance system is the perfect indicator as to how we are doing. When we think thoughts that are not in line with our divine purpose, our guidance system sends out a warning and we feel the vibration of that thought. We literally feel low, down, or depressed. What we want is to become conscious of this process and tune into our warning system. When you start to feel low feelings or feel this warning signal go off, change your thoughts. Change them to higher vibrational thoughts. Change them to the highest vibration you can think of, and as you keep thinking high vibrational thoughts you will soon feel up and joyful.

What if you are coming into this information feeling low all of the time and you haven’t the faintest idea of where to begin?

The first thing to do is to *start cleaning house, start resolving some your past frozen thoughts. Your earliest thoughts are the ones with the weight, because these thoughts have been in place the longest and have come in at a very strong vibration.

Your first experiences in opposition were your greatest. Remember you just left your heavenly home, you came to experience opposition, and those first experiences were real shockers. Think about the birthing process itself. Would you like to experience something like that again? We are blessed to only have to do that one once. Think about other times when you were little and you got into trouble when you really didn’t mean to. These experiences you wouldn’t want to do again either.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t remember much of your childhood? It is because we block most of our memories because of how they felt, and because of the perceptions we have placed upon these experiences.

It is time to change; it is time to clean house. It is time to change these early, weighty thoughts and clear them out. Get connected to them so you can experience resolution. Resolution is easy once you connect to the memory. When you return to these memories you now have the perspective of a mature mind and years of life experiences, so resolution is easy.

One of my early childhood experiences that I was able to connect to and bring into resolution was when I was about three or four years old. I wanted to do something to show my mother I loved her. So I decided to draw a big pretty picture on the wall for her. She became very angry with me and from that experience I made the decision to never draw again, it was painful. (A misconception or mis-thought.) At age three or four I made the decision to never draw, when this was one of my natural gifts and talents. This artistic ability has shown up in other areas but my desire to be a portrait artist lay dormant and was never acted upon, until the day I connected to this memory. I knew I had a gift, but I didn’t know I had turned it off because of this weighty, painful experience.

As an adult I have the wisdom and experience to know why my mother was angry with me. The wall was not the artistic medium to use to express my gift or my love. This painful misconception changed the course of my life for years. Now I have resolution and it is my choice whether I pick up the pencil to draw. I know the gift is within.

When you connect to your early memories and bring them into resolution by providing the time and place, you can create a totally different experience for your life. I am now free to express myself in this joyful fashion, and it brings me great joy to see my children develop their artistic talents. They all have them and are actively engaged in acting upon them. I see this gift in them and I rejoice.

We are all here on the planet to learn, grow and progress. We are here to experience opposition and to move forward in this experience. We each have great gifts and talents that are buried under our thick walls of protection, low vibration memories, and old thoughts. Take the time to clear your thoughts, to bring them into resolution, to reframe them and have joy. Life keeps happening but it doesn’t need to be like it has been. It can be a joyful experience as you learn these new skills to help you successfully navigate through life.

Clear out the cobwebs of your past. Wipe clean the destructive memories and start anew. Begin your rebirth process with a clean mind and a pure heart, free of past illusions, mistakes or misconceptions. Begin each new day as a new day, free of the weight and pain of your past. Raise your vibration by clearing out all those low vibration experiences which are frozen in time. It is just perception, just energy, just a thought and you can change it, you can change it all.

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