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A Penny a Prayer   A New Holiday Gift Giving Idea

A Penny a Prayer A New Holiday Gift Giving Idea 0

We know service is an important element that adds joy to our holiday spirit, and many love to serve the less fortunate during this holiday season.

We might find ourselves asking, how can I serve others that would bring them joy, who should I serve, or what can I to do with my particular limitations of time, health, or money?

Ahhh, that's a great question.

So are you ready for a fantastic new simple idea that has the power to totally and completely change lives?  Great, then you are ready to join me...

How To Get Past the Heat Of The Moment

How To Get Past the Heat Of The Moment 0

In the past, hitting something with such a power-packed charge of negative emotion would have wasted me for days. But today I am proud to admit I have had two huge whopper moments before noon. Yes they were difficult. No I did not understand the problems at the time. In fact I wondered why I was going through them, what they were to teach me and would I survive them alone? Did I need to call for help on these two problems? It was pretty intense.

So what did I do?...

I am Thank-Full,  Learning to See Our Opposition as a Gift.

I am Thank-Full, Learning to See Our Opposition as a Gift. 3

Join us in this wonderful adventure of seeing the gifts of your greatest trials, for when you do... it changes the experience into the treasure of knowledge, experience, growth and power that it was meant to be.
Changing Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts

Changing Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts 0

All of our lower vibrational thoughts, memories or beliefs are in need of resolution.

What is resolution and how does this work?

Resolution is the act completing the thought process.

When we think a thought and it comes in at a very low vibration, this thought is frozen in us waiting for resolution. Resolution comes when we actually realize the thought is not in our best interest and then we use our agency to change the thought to a higher frequency thought. This thought resolution process must be done for every frozen thought that is not in alignment of our truth or the true desires of our heart. If you are to receive the life of your dreams, we must first clear out what is blocking you from that dream. Join Tannie Bennett and discover how.

The Benefit of Imageries

The Benefit of Imageries 0

 By nature we are creators like God. Spending time in our imagination, gives us the opportunity to draw up the blueprint of our day’s creation. Failing to create a blueprint of a house we want to build could have disastrous results. Yet each day we go about our lives without ever spending time in the drawing room, engaging in our creative process. We just start the day with the attitude of “another day…” and indeed that is what we get, “another day.” If we want something more out of life than we are presently receiving, then we must take time to create it, by drawing up the perfect blueprint of your hearts desires.

The Magic of Gratitude

The Magic of Gratitude 0

It’s November and the month of Thanksgiving! I can’t think of a better time to learn the magic and science of gratitude. Have you ever found yourself on the bottom floor of your emotions, not caring whether you live or die, or been so numb to your feelings that you don’t feel anything anymore? Me too!

According to Albert Einstein, “Everything is Energy … match the frequency of the reality you want, you cannot help but to get that reality.” It’s that simple! This quote helped me realize that emotions really are energy-in-motion.

We have high emotions and we have low emotions. Gratitude is a high vibrational emotion. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones, thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by connecting to GRATITUDE!

Example: "I’m so done … I don’t want to do this anymore."

Reframe: "I’m so grateful I’m aware that … I’m so done … I don’t want to do this anymore." Feel the difference? You are still overwhelmed but you have a glimmer of hope that lifts you up a bit.

Example: "What an awful day! I just want to go to bed and never get up”

Reframe: "I’m so grateful this day is over!"  Feel the difference?

Example: "I am all alone, no one is here for me.”

Reframe: "I am grateful I am aware of how I feel ... I feel alone!"

Being grateful changes the vibration in your brain and body, and gives you hope and understanding as to what to pray for.

Example: "Father in Heaven (God above, etc.) please bless me with companionship, hope for a better tomorrow, peace of mind, personal touch, (or what ever else you are in need of)." God truly is the giver of all gifts.

So when you find yourself on the bottom floor of life, remember to be grateful that you are learning what you don’t want and are getting more clarity about what you do want.  That’s GRATITUDE!