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The Benefit of Imageries

The Benefit of Imageries

Typically, imageries are used in a therapeutic environment, because of the wealth of benefits to the human mind and soul. The first and most significant purpose in using imageries is to relax the body. We are living in a fast paced world; it is difficult to receive the rest and recuperation time we need to keep our bodies in perfect running condition. Participating in imageries will allow the body time to experience deep relaxed states. Choosing this as part of your daily routine will be the equivalent of receiving an extra three to four hours of good sleep, for a simple 30 to 40 minute imagery.

During the imaging process, the brain will float back and forth between the varying brainwave states, the same states that occur during your sleep. As your body goes in and out of these states, a significant amount of healing will occur, because your sleeping period is your body’s natural healing time. This is why rest and sleep are so vital when you are sick. It is during this sleep period that the body is doing its major repairs. If you go for an extended period of time without sleep, your body and mind quickly fall into disrepair and pain. Sleep is so significant that if you are deprived of it for a lengthy period of time, your body begins to die. Sleep is as essential to your health as breath itself, although the body can survive longer without sleep than it can without breath. Nonetheless, it is important to understand just how vital your sleep is.

Experiencing focused meditation and focused imageries on a daily basis will significantly improve your state of health and well being. Most often we receive this type of healing in a counselor, psychotherapist, or hypnotist’s office. In this environment the benefits are limited because of the intent of the visit. Usually we are there on a crisis to crisis basis, thus we are unable to fully relax and receive the complete benefit of the process.

Taking the opportunity to experience guided imageries in your own home is significant. You will experience your imageries during a time that is most important and convenient to you, and you will be in an environment which is tailored to your comfort and security. This comfortable environment will greatly enhance the benefits of participating in guided imageries, because this is a time chosen by you. It is an activity you participate in because you understand the extensive benefits of the process. It is something you desire to do, thus altering the experience in a grand way from the previously mentioned scenario. Anytime we bring a life situation to a point of choice and proceed with that intention, the benefits are greatly enhanced because we feel free; a law that God himself perfectly honors. Our freedom is essential to our happiness and having the power to choose is very significant in any moment in life. As you choose this type of healing you will begin an amazing journey.

There are other benefits in doing guided imageries in the privacy of your home and in the time and place you choose. One significant benefit is that you are giving a message to your body that you are important. When you take time out to take care of yourself by doing things that are for your good, your body responds in a very significant way. It will respond with an increased sense of well being.

Because we are living in such a fast paced society, it is important to help your body meet the demands that are placed upon it. We spend more time exerting energy and less time resting up than we should, therefore we are putting undue demands upon our physical body and we are reaping the consequences of those choices. Visualization is a simple process and a treasure of knowledge that will assist you in caring for your precious body.

There are many benefits to derive from spending time in the imagery process. By nature we are creators like our Father in Heaven. During this time we can draw up the blueprint of our day’s creation. Failing to create a blueprint of a house we want to build could have disastrous results. Yet each day we go about our lives without ever spending time in the drawing room, engaging in our creative process. We just start the day with the attitude of “another day…” and indeed that is what we get, “another day.”

If we want something more out of life than we are presently receiving, then take time out to create it, by drawing up the perfect blueprint of your heart's desires.

Remember in our young beginning how we had such dreams and hopes? Now, in looking back at our lives we wonder how we got to where we are today, perhaps thinking “Boy, life sure didn’t turn out like I wanted it to.” “Why?” You might ask. Our life didn’t turn out because we stopped focusing on our dreams and started focusing on what we didn’t want. Now is the time to dream and create again.

Remember the Law of the Harvest or the Law of Attraction. You reap what you sow. If you do not spend time each and every day drawing up the blueprint of your life and your day, you will reap the results of your failure to consciously create. You will create whatever you put your focus on, or whatever has been pre recorded. It’s easy to focus on our trials and pains, and so we continue to create more of what we don’t want. Now it’s time to take time out and create what you do want.

Using imagery to create is a wonderful process. When you are relaxed and your brain is pulsating in the alpha brainwave state, you are able to absorb more information than you normally would. When you create in this relaxed state, your brain will receive this information on a much deeper level and you will spend less time in “doing,” and more time in “being.” Your whole system will be working with you to accomplish your goal, rather than having the normal ten percent working for you and the ninety percent working against you. You are giving your whole being the message that this is the desired goal.

When you send your brain messages in pictures (images), it is the equivalent of having your blueprint developed on all levels. All of the little intelligences in your body get the picture of the desired goal. They will all be working for you, rather than against you. It is like you are laying down the program for your brain computer to run on. It will know what to do after it is successfully programmed. You too will know what to do after you program through imagery. It is like the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Become an intentional creator of your life - use imagery daily.

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